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Hobs are the center of activity in the kitchen and Pitt Cooking is well aware of that. As a result, the brand decided to offer the possibility of designing the burner layout of a gas hob for the convenience of its users.


Why? Well, because the experience of cooking can be limited by the size of the hob or the distance between the burners, which doesn’t allow us to make the best use of this resource.



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The main advantage that Pitt Cooking hobs offer is precisely the freedom of design. As long as there is a bar or countertop in the kitchen, the Pitt Cooking burner system can be installed according to the arrangement and distance the user chooses.


There’s nothing more frustrating when cooking several dishes simultaneously than having the burners so close that you can’t use all of them due to space limitations. That’s why Pitt Cooking allows you to not only arrange the burners more conveniently but also gives you the freedom to decide the number and finish of the burners.



Cusin’s three flames


Cusin is a model with three burners of different sizes with independent controls, which can be placed on the cooktop as desired by the user. Also, Cusin has a special wok burner, flame protection, and automatic ignition.


These cast iron burners handmade in The Netherlands are compatible with any countertop material and are available in three presentations: original edition, professional edition, and black finish.


The variety of burners makes it possible to tackle all cooking techniques thanks to their different sizes. Their optimal performance is due to a superior air intake that accelerates the combustion process to obtain a faster, more constant, and bluer flame, avoiding soot accumulation on your pots and pans.


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Having the control in your hands


The Pitt Cooking system controls are part of the brand’s hallmark. Located on the countertop, next to each burner, they give you the ability to meticulously regulate the flames.


In addition, the minimalist design of its knobs not only allows you to incorporate the hob into any style of the kitchen but also guarantees its durability. So, free yourself from space limitations and design your kitchen to your taste and needs with Pitt Cooking.


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