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Hoods, or extractors, are undoubtedly one of the inventions that have added the mostto modern kitchens. The thingis that it is of little use wanting to make this partof the home into a space filled with luxurious shelves, fashionable colors, and beautiful appliances, if the smells of what is prepared in it swarm in the atmosphere, subtracting charm.

Best thought of all thiswhen designing hoods that feature the ideal conjunction of beauty in design and high technology. This Italian brand has strived to join together the skills of craftsmen and designersin the production of magnificent utilitarian pieces that give the kitchen not only a touch of sophistication and style, but also keep its environment odor-free.

Thus, the magical union of glass and metal in the light of ingenious -and at times futuristic –models,have managed toearn the preference of architects and interior designers. But what makes an ideal hood for our kitchen? Here we share 3 things you should keep in mind when choosing one.


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Style. Best has been dedicated to provide style to their extractors turning them not only into necessary appliances, but also in important pieces in the aesthetic harmonization of kitchens. Designerscertainly have many options to choose from in their wide catalog: from the most simple and discreet, to the most avant-garde. The Joint Island HF is more of the latter. An island model hood (which also comes in classic wall-mounted form), made from stainless steel and glass, which is perfect for a modern and functional kitchen. It features touch controls with buttons printed directly on the transparent glass. (See how it works)

Capacity. Although Best has the manufacture of extractors of sophisticated technological level as an standard, the choice of the right hood will depend on a simple mathematical calculation. You will needto multiply the square meters of the kitchen room by the height of the ceiling and then multiply the result by 12 revolutions / hour, which will give you the minimum capacity required for the motor of the hood for your kitchen. However, if you want an environment completely clean of odors, it is always advisable to choose a hood above the minimum capacity required. In this sense, theOffset HF model meets all the requirements of a medium-sized kitchen, since its unique perimeter absorption system offers a 100% odor-free environment, which together with its design (white or black glass) stylishly complements modern and elegant furniture in a high-rate kitchen. (See how it works)

Maintenance. Another feature of Best is that its hoods are easy to maintain. Both the outside (two glass panels) and the inside (aluminum grid filter) of the model Split HF are the best example.This elegant and modern extractor can be controlled at the touch of a button, allowing the selection of any of the three option adjustments for speed, lighting, filter indicators, and timer control. (See how it works)

Perhaps one last aspectthat should be considered is the consumption of energy, for which Best could answer that any of its hoods would be the perfect, because its extractors are class A and A+energy efficiency, which means low energy consumption.


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