Solar panels: the good, the bad and the ugly


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Architecture is always aiming at the sustainability of its works. Solar or photovoltaic energy is one of the most viable options to fulfill this task. Therefore, we present the main advantages and disadvantages of solar panels.

The good

Esthetic. Solar panels can be incorporated within the design of the building, achieving a modern image, especially in buildings with glass covered facades.

Durability. The panels are built from highly durable materials, designed to withstand the impacts of the climate, so they rarely require replacement.

Low maintenance cost. Once installed, solar panels require minimal maintenance, resulting in very low costs. In addition, solar energy does not generate expenses for consumption or taxes.

Access in remote places. Photovoltaic energy has become a great option to bring quality of life to places where power lines are difficult to install, benefiting small rural populations.

Green energy. The energy obtained through solar panels, does not contribute to global warming, does not generate pollution and reduces the use of fossil fuels.

The bad

High installation costs. One of the obstacles to making this energy accessible to all is that its installation is very expensive, since solar panels require a high investment.

Scarce skilled labor. The installation and maintenance of the panels, requires a labor generally scarce for being highly qualified.

Little coverage. In order for a family home to be able to get all the energy it requires from solar panels, a large part of the house’s surface must be covered, since in most cases it cannot meet the basic needs of an average family.

The ugly

Storage devices. To store this energy and be able to use it at night or during the seasons when the sun’s rays are not direct, it is necessary to install unsightly and larger storage devices, and incur in extra expenses.

The sun is limiting. For a construction that aspires to have the sun as a source of energy, the orientation of the panels for the reception of solar rays can be limiting when trying to obtain an aesthetic and functional design.

Like all forms of energy, photovoltaic has its pros and cons, but it will undoubtedly become in the future one of the most important sources of light and heat. What do you think?




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