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Some technological advances seem to take us back to traditional methodologies, and the wood-fired ovens that have become so popular thanks to the incorporation of modern elements are a good example of that.

In this sense, we owe it to the Italian brand Alfa Forni to have a portable wood-fired oven, for indoor or outdoor use, that’s easy to operate and clean. So, you no longer have to dream about having a large space to build one of those traditional ovens made of mud and stone, with a circular or oval shape and a curved vault to facilitate the circulation of hot air. Today, we have the compact version that combines all its benefits, with a modern design, which can be installed at home.


Say Ciao to pizza

The Ciao ovens by Alfa Forni belong to the Moderna line, which allows you to cook the old fashion way because beauty meets performance.

Alfa Forni ovens keep the traditional structure, which translates into an appliance where you can cook your pizza or dish perfectly, but you won’t have to wait for the oven to reach the appropriate temperature.

These ovens ignite quickly and reach the desired heat very easily. This means that you can become an expert at cooking dishes outdoors in record time, which is ideal for gatherings with friends, with the possibility to prepare an infinite number of recipes ranging from stews to grills.

Another interesting fact is that Alfa’s Ciao oven can bake loaves of bread up to 2 kg. As for the pizza, don’t worry, you can bake 2 simultaneously in this oven.


Tips for optimizing its use

Ciao wood-fired ovens are easy to operate. However, here are a few tips to achieve optimal results:




  1. To light the oven (wood model), it is recommended to place the larger firewood, leaning the sticks one on top of the other forming a rectangle. Inside this rectangle, place the thinner wood and/or paper that will be used to light the larger embers. Alfa’s Ciao is manufactured with first-class materials, so it has a refractory base and a stainless-steel dome that quickly reaches the perfect cooking temperature (max. 500º).
  2. Another important point is to use a small piece of wood that’s very dry. Besides, each type of wood adds a particular fragrance to the food, so, if you use wood from fruit trees, for example, you’ll add that special aroma to the dish. If you have a choice, go for maple, walnut, and chestnut wood, especially if you plan to cook meats.
  3. It is advisable to use clay trays and containers to cook in this type of oven as they are more resistant to high temperatures and help to enhance the flavor during cooking. There are also other refractory materials, but you could lose the charm a dish gets when cooked in clay containers. Also, some dishes can only be served in clay containers to avoid breaking a universal custom, like good onion soup.
  4. Use a wooden pallet since it is more comfortable, safe, and functional, plus Alfa Forni can provide you with the accessories that can make the experience even more pleasant.
  5. Keep an eye on the food because cooking in the ovens of this brand is fast. Fortunately, the design of Alfa’s Ciao oven includes a glass window that allows you to keep an eye on the food without being exposed to the heat, and without it dissipating into the environment.

Cooking in an Alfa Ciao wood-fired oven is an experience you’ll love. If we haven’t convinced you yet, remember that by using these wood-fired ovens you enhance the flavors of your food, save energy (and money), and contribute to the environment. That’s a tasty way to go green.


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