Liberty by Thermador: the dream of home chefs


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Grandmas’ food certainly has a special touch, that unforgettable seasoning. Many of them learned the art of cooking on an industrial gas cooktop, the kind we see in old movies. And although they never studied cooking formally, they mastered this art like no one else.

Imagining them preparing some of their delicious dishes on an innovative cooktop like Thermador’s Liberty® is a delight. They would have loved its design and the systems that make a chef’s job easier.

Thermador‘s Liberty® is a high-end appliance that brings us one step closer to the future. It is the dream of technology and cooking aficionados, all in one because its sleek design makes it visually appealing, and its cooking area provides greater flexibility for a fun and easy cooking experience.


More space, more technology

As we already told you, this mirror-like glass cooktop adds elegance and style to your kitchen. And when it comes to decoration, this cooktop adapts to any design without losing its essence. It has beveled finishes and stainless steel edges that frame the effect produced by its luminous touch controls.

Thermador’s Liberty® has the most modern systems when it comes to induction cooktops. For example, if you want to invite a large group of people to your home for dinner or lunch, Liberty® has three extra-large cooking zones that’ll allow the simultaneous preparation of several dishes. This translates into two things: less time in front of the cooktop and more time to spend with your guests. Wonderful, isn’t it?


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And to make your life easier, this appliance has a HeatShift® function that divides the cooktop into three pre-set heat zones, allowing you to change the heat level with a simple movement of the pan, without touching the controls to adjust the cooking intensity because Liberty will sense what your cooking requires, so this function is perfect for dishes that need more than one form of preparation.

This Thermador cooktop also features the MoveMode® function that allows an easy transfer of settings without having to restore power levels when moving a pot around the cooktop.

Cooking on a Liberty® can be an extremely rewarding and very simple experience since in addition to everything we’ve already mentioned, it features 17 power levels, automatic dish recognition, automatic switch-off, control panel lockout, PowerBoost® settings, shut-off timer for all heat zones and residual heat indicators. Could you ask for more?


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