The extractor hood KSM30XU by Smeg brings elegance and style to the kitchen while it extracts smoke.


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Extractor hoods are important in the kitchen, and if we’re talking about an appliance that like the model KSM30XU by Smeg, that adds elegance and style to this area of the home, then they are essential. In these times of open concepts and connected kitchens, extractor hoods that are only functional are a thing of the past.


The reason? New designs have turned the kitchen into the entertainment center the home. Today, kitchens require models of extractor hoods that are not only efficient when it comes to eliminating vapors, grease, and odors, but also beautiful and adaptable to any style.


With this in mind, the Italian brand Smeg that combines aesthetics and technology has created a whole portfolio with a wide range of extractor hoods for all tastes. And a great example of this is the model KSM30XU and we’ll tell you why.



The model  KSM30XU by Smeg fits into any kitchen.

As we said before, within this range of possibilities offered by Smeg, the KSM30XU model appears as a perfect wall extractor hood for kitchens of all styles. Why? Because it’s a powerful ventilation extractor hood with a flat design (30 inches) that may well be the perfect companion for both induction and gas cooktops or ranges.


The appliance as a whole, made of  high-quality stainless-steel, has a shape based on clean and simple lines that belongs to the exclusive Flat Design product line of Smeg. As durable as it’s attractive, the KSM30XU model brings a truly professional touch to your kitchen.


One feature you’ll certainly love about the KSM30XU extractor hood is the fact that it includes two built-in stainless-steel grease filters. These are responsible for catching the grease effectively so it doesn’t reach the inside of the hood, which will save you a lot of cleaning work. To that we must add that these filters can be washed in the dishwasher, so this is definitely a device tailored to the requirements of modern life.


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Everything under control

On the front of this hood you’ll find easy-to-use controls as well as an indicator light of the power status of the equipment. These buttons will help you select three speed settings that are designed to quietly recirculate air during cooking or to powerfully eradicate large amounts of smoke and odors in your kitchen with up to 600 CFM of fan power.


The KSM30XU model also comes with two 20-watt halogen lamps that’ll help you have proper lighting while cooking, and even create a cozy atmosphere in the kitchen.


Besides, having an appliance like the KSM30XU extractor hood at home means bringing to your kitchen a large-capacity extractor that works almost unnoticed. All of the above translates into a sophisticated and efficient appliance that will fit perfectly into the kitchen of your dreams.


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