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The model Drum by Pitt Cooking considers that any preparation or dish you make is important. Isn’t annoying that your cooktop has one burner after the other, reducing your comfort when it comes to cooking? Have you found yourself preparing a dish, juggling to set the four pots and pans in a small space, and at the same time trying to take advantage of the size of each burner? All that without mentioning the accidents, and steam burns you get trying to remove the contents of one pot over another that’s boiling.


Fortunately, Pitt Cooking came up with the solution to all these drawbacks in such a practical, simple, and elegant way, that’s surprising. It seems that a smart designer (finally!) asked a real housewife: what can we do to make your work in the kitchen more comfortable?


And as a result of her wonderful answer was born the way in which Pitt Cooking organizes its hobs. A set of four gas burners, manufactured with a fantastic quality, that can be placed according to your preference to have the same ease of access to each, reducing the likelihood of accidents and providing an elegant and minimalist aesthetic worthy of the most modern kitchens. (watch operational video)


For all tastes

The Drum model has three presentations to please different audiences. If you’re an occasional cook, the Original model will be your perfect match. This is a hob with four aluminum burners, with the option to incorporate a wok ring.


For those who enjoy the kitchen more and require a bit more power, the Professional option comes with brass burners for greater durability with the wok ring included in one of them. And for those who, in addition to greater durability, want a more elegant style, the Black Edition answers to their needs with its black burners.


Certainly, the maximum versatility of this product is the fact that the burners can be adapted to the material of your choice, from concrete to wood. So, your new kitchen hub can have the surface, shape, and size of your choice… Because if cooking means freedom, why should you have to be a slave to the structure of traditional hobs?


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When you are the protagonist

If you dare to choose Drum, it’ll certainly be a big change for your kitchen. No more hard-to-clean, uncomfortable, huge appliances that take away so much space from an area of the home where the protagonist should be the food… or the chef!


Simplicity and minimalism are the keys to Pitt Cooking’s Drum model. The controls of the burners consist of 4 small knobs, which will help you to precisely control the flame of your hob.


The design of the burners is absolutely simple and elegant. Each one has a flame protective ring to avoid accidents, and an extra ring that offers greater safety for the use of woks or cauldrons after it’s installed.


Gas and electrical connections can be easily located under the countertop chosen for a discreet installation, and of course, since you’ve the possibility to choose the surface of the countertop, you can opt for one that’s easy to clean and maintain.


As you can see, the excuses for accidents, or discomfort in the kitchen are a thing of the past. So, if you still want to keep juggling in the kitchen, you can practice in the space you’ll have available after installing your new Drum burners.


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