The dishwasher: how to choose the best friend for your kitchen


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The dishwasher is by far our best friend in the kitchen. However, the criteria to make the right choice when it comes to choosing this quiet appliance that deals with the dirty work left to do after meals and family reunions is often underestimated and even unknown.

The first thing we will say in this regard is that, choosing the ideal dishwasher is simple, you must analyze the amount of work that you are going to demand from the appliance and the size of your family. However, there are some variables that may not seem so logical and that must be considered to make this choice.

How to choose the perfect dishwasher

Let’s begin by saying that dishwashers are usually divided into three groups: large, narrow, or medium and compact size. The former, the large ones, are at least 60 centimeters wide or more and offer great capacity. This makes them the perfect equipment for large families.

Narrow or medium-sized dishwashers may well be the ideal solution for small kitchens. With a size ranging from 45 to 60 centimeters wide, they have become extremely popular on the market because they are the midpoint in terms of capacity. Finally, we have the compact dishwashers. These are those that are less than 45 centimeters wide and fit perfectly anywhere but offer a decent volume in terms of capacity.

Unlike refrigerators and washing machines, the capacity of a dishwasher isn’t measured in liters, but by the number of place settings that fit in it. Well, yes, a place setting is equivalent to all the utensils a person uses for a full lunch with three courses and coffee. So, as a result of this we have 3 more categories:

  • 12 to 16 place settings. Large dishwashers, for large families.
  • 7 to 11 place settings. Medium dishwashers, ideal for kitchens with little space.
  • 6 or less place settings. Compact dishwashers, for single individuals or couples who don’t regularly eat at home.

Upon understanding all these details, what you have to look for next is the option that best suits your needs. The market will obviously offer you a wide range of possibilities in this regard; however, if you are looking for the “best friend” with the best quality, then…


La Cuisine International


Go big washing your dinnerware with Gaggenau

The German brand Gaggenau has a dishwasher that can well take the lead in this search for the best friend for your kitchen. The model DF480763 from the 400 series, is by far the appliance of this category that we would love to have at home.

This fully integrated 24-inches (60 cm) smart dishwasher with a capacity for 13 place settings is the best choice for homes where there’s a constant need to wash dishes. This equipment has a TFT display that not only allows you to know the remaining or end time of a washing cycle or if you need a refill for salt and rinsing agent, but also enables the intuitive operation all the functions it has to offer.

This dishwasher with 5-washing programs (intensive, power, half load, hygiene, and extra dry with zeolite) comes with soft-closing system, triple filter system and ENERGY STAR® certification. And best of all is its noise level of 42 dB, which guarantees that this appliance does its job very quietly (see this video for more details about its operation).

With a perfectly lit interior, this dishwasher that holds up to 23 wine glasses features a flexible rack system with smooth running rails on all levels and soft-closing system of the upper and lower rack. It also comes with 3 adjustable racks that can be adjusted up to 2″ high. These racks have 6 folding tines and 4 folding racks, plus 2 glass support bars, and a cutlery basket.

Simply put, this appliance will make you forget about the dishes you have to wash and become the best friend you never thought you’ll have in your kitchen.


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