The discreet charm of undercounter refrigerators that can be integrated into your kitchen


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Undercounter refrigerators are certainly the personification of perfect storage in the modern kitchen (see also Do you need extra storage in the kitchen?). But if in addition to the extra space it offers, it provides harmony in the design and style of the kitchen, then we have found a dream appliance.


While there are great options on the market for any need, we dare to say that the integrable undercounter refrigerator UPR 513 by Liebherr is the king of discretion and comfort, as far as this item is concerned.


When designing the model UPR 513, Liebherr considered both what every designer longs to offer in a kitchen, as well as the needs that the kitchen user may have. That’s why this appliance offers convenient features and incredible design flexibility that allows it to fit into any home. What do we mean by this? We’ll explain.


La Cuisine International


Everything an undercounter refrigerator should offer

There are two main features that designers, architects, and users look for in this type of refrigerator. The first is, as you can imagine, enough extra space and the second that the same doesn’t interfere with the style that you have or want to give to the kitchen. Both requests are fully met by this model.


Now, when it comes to storage, the UPR 513 includes a variety of features focused on meeting specific needs. This refrigerator has fully extendable compartments mounted on telescopic rails, so you can easily reach your food.


In addition to the practicality of these Soft Telescopic drawers is the elegance of the GlassLine shelves, which make the Liebherr UPR 513 a space-saving refrigerator with scratch-resistant and easy-to-clean drawers. Also, we say that they are space-saving shelves because they are designed for organization and fully adjustable to your needs.


In terms of design, this Liebherr refrigerator can be adjusted in height to match the space of the countertop. And to this great advantage, we must add that the UPR 513, like all integrable models of this German brand, has door-on-door technology, which allows panels of different colors or styles to be fixed directly on the door of the appliance. This means that you’ll have a refrigerator that will fit perfectly into the design of your kitchen since these panels are customizable and very easy to install.


Extra features

Holder of the Energy Star distinction, this refrigerator by Liebherr will help your kitchen produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions. So rest assured that its use will have a less harmful effect on the environment and will also make you consume less energy.


The UPR 513 is also a high-tech appliance that will keep your food safe thanks to the SuperCool system, which generates greater cold reserves so that freshly stored food can be cooled quickly. And if you thought that the discretion of this equipment had to do only with its appearance that can be overlooked to become the secret weapon of your kitchen, well, you are wrong.


The SuperQuiet system keeps noise to a minimum. All thanks to virtually silent, speed-controlled compressors that along with a low-noise cooling circuit, guarantee high performance, energy efficiency, and excellent operation.


So if you want perfection in every way in your kitchen, the UPR 513 by Liebherr is the appliance you were looking for.


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