The irresistible charm of the Gas Cooktop 30” Stainless Steel SGSX305TS by Thermador


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Cooking with the blue flames of a gas cooktop has an irresistible charm. In fact, beyond the fact that professional kitchens do indeed have gas cooktops, there’s no doubt that they offer the home chef something that ceramic glass and induction cooktops cannot: control of the fire.


From Prometheus on, the human fascination with fire and the mastery of the same are undeniable. This is why a cooktop like the Gas Cooktop 30” Stainless Steel SGSX305TS by Thermador has so many fans.


Why? First, because this is an energy-efficient cooktop. So if you love to cook, you won’t have to worry about an increase in the electricity bill due to the constant use of the appliance.


No one can deny that cooking on a gas cooktop is faster and more precise than cooking on an induction cooktop. While the latter has its advantages, and we don’t deny them, you will never be able to control the fire or heat levels as a gas cooktop allows you to do. And this is extremely important, especially if you love to try recipes and emulate TV chefs.


Also, you won’t have to get rid of that cauldron that your grandmother lovingly gave you, where you prepare amazing eggs. All pans and pots of this type are welcome.


And when it comes to design, Thermador made sure to offer you not only a high technology and power gas appliance but also a cooktop with simple lines and durable materials that will fit into any kitchen style. Do you understand now why it has so many fans?


La Cuisine International


Simmering and more… 

This impressive 30-inch cooktop comes with 5 patented gas Star® burners and an electric one in the center of the appliance. This 52,000 BTU total heat output appliance also has two ExtraLow® Select simmering burners that offer you 5 precise configurations, which will help you prepare sauces, caramel, or melt chocolate without burning it.


The exclusive five-point patented design, Star® Burner, offers more ports and more flame distribution than a round burner. That is, you’ll have a  gas cooktop with the power of a professional one. So, boiling quickly or browning at a high temperature won’t be a problem when you learn to control the fire and power of each of the burners.


If you’re worried about cleaning, you can forget about it. The teardrop-shaped QuickClean base reduces food buildup and contains liquid spills so you can quickly clean the entire appliance. Besides,  to complete the advantages of this cooktop by Thermador, the stainless-steel burner tray with continuous grates, which not only makes it easier to maintain the appliance but also allows pots and pans to move effortlessly across the surface.


The brand also included safety in the design of this cooktop. That’s why the knobs have an illuminated progressive light ring to help you know when the burners are in use. Also, these high-precision cast metal knobs feature a “push-to-turn” safety system that acts like a child lock. And if that’s not enough, this cooktop is compatible with STAR-K Sabbath mode.


So, after reading this article, not only will you know why this Thermador appliance has so many fans, but you will certainly have succumbed to its irresistible charms, which explains why already visualize yourself cooking one of those wonderful recipes you like to prepare to surprise your family.



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