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Storage in the kitchen is always an issue, so opting for an undercounter refrigerator is the perfect solution. We should admit it, going to the supermarket and taking advantage of the offers we find there has become a sin that makes us consider getting a bigger refrigerator or choosing alternative options for food conservation.

This refrigeration option that takes advantage of the space under the countertop or the island is even a solution for those who have no space available in these areas, since it liberates part of the load of the refrigerator and provides more capacity to store food. However, before you go in search of the best deals on the market or the ideal appliance for your home, you should consider certain details. Here we have prepared a list with the 3 most important aspects to keep in mind.

  1. When size does matter

Before you go out searching for an undercounter refrigerator, the first thing to consider is the space you have available. This will prevent headaches and above all will not disrupt the style of your kitchen.

Typically, this type of refrigerator usually measures between 500 mm (50 cm) and 600 mm (60 cm) wide but these measurements may vary depending on the brand and capacity of the device. Another measure to think about is the depth of the model you are interested in. Generally, these devices tend to have a depth that can vary between 450 mm (45 cm) and 650 mm (65 cm).

But what is even more important than knowing exactly all these measurements, is making sure you have about 20 mm (2 cm) of extra space above and behind the refrigerator for ventilation. Lack of ventilation can cause this appliance to use more energy and also damage the compressor. This is a detail that you should evaluate even if you are going to have a separate refrigerator of these dimensions.

  1. Independent or integrated

As we said, a small independent refrigerator in the kitchen is also a fantastic storage option. Manufactured to be simply placed in the space available, these refrigerators will be visible, so you should think about the color and design features so they blend into the environment or perhaps you want the appliance to become an element that attracts attention but does not disturb the style established.

On the other hand, integrated (or recessed) refrigerators need to fit into the space below your island or countertop. It’s generally advised, for decoration reasons, that they have an external appearance that matches the rest of the large appliances in your kitchen (white or better steel).


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  1. Storage

This is perhaps the most important consideration when it comes to choosing that new refrigerator you want to integrate into your kitchen. You will certainly want to obtain plenty of space for all the packages, bottles, cans, jars, and leftover plates that couldn’t fit into the main refrigerator, so look closely at the data regarding the capacity of this appliance.

The storage capacity of an undercounter refrigerator depends on the brand and dimensions of the appliance. So, once again, we recommend making sure to take the measures described above before you choose one.

Liebherr always has a solution

There is no doubt that the expertise of Liebherr in terms of refrigeration solutions is almost unbeatable. In this case, the German brand offers the UPR 513 refrigerator.

This model that can be between 82 and 88 cm high, 59.7 cm wide and 55 cm deep has a total useful capacity of 124 liters, which makes it one of the most competitive devices in the market. Also, the brand has been responsible for providing this appliance with all the technological innovations of its large refrigerators.

Therefore, the refrigerator UPR 513 by Liebherr comes with the SuperCool system for rapid cooling of freshly saved food, virtually silent speed-controlled compressors, a low-noise cooling circuit (SuperQuiet) and Energy Star certification, which guarantee that you have a device at home that not only consumes less energy, but also generates fewer greenhouse gas emissions. Simply put, a compact-sized equipment that works like a large one and will help you have the storage space you need at home.



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