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Nuvola  extractor hoods by Falmec have all the charm, discretion, and elegance of a recessed ceiling extractor, combined with maximum functionality and technology for those who think that less is more. If decorative extractor hoods are not what you like or you simply don’t have the space to have one, this type of recessed appliance can be an elegant and functional solution that will also add a modern touch to your kitchen.


But don’t be fooled by the simple appearance of the Nuvola  extractor hood by Falmec. Behind its clean and sleek design is  efficient and modern machinery that will offer you maximum performance.


This is an extractor hood with perimeter extraction, ideal for kitchens with islands, capable of absorbing steam and grease even at a height of more than one meter above the burners thanks to its powerful 150W motor. In short, it’s a  state-of-the-art equipment at the disposal of your kitchen needs.





Beautiful and efficient


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The extractor hood’s design includes LED lights that can be useful when cooking and will blend efficiently with the general lighting of the space. These lights are protected with an easy to maintain tempered glass cover that adds character to the structure.


As for its operation, the Nuvola  extractor hood by Falmec has a remote control so you can regulate the speed of extraction, turn the lights on/off, and   brightness intensity. Thus, you will have a hood in your kitchen that is as beautiful as it is smart.



Easy maintenance


The extractor hood’s metal grease filters are easy to remove and only require washing with warm water and mild soap to be reinstalled.  This means that you won’t have to worry about buying new filters in the future.


Noise won’t be a concern either when it comes to Nuvola by Falmec. At its peak, this equipment will reach 60 dB, which guarantees an effective and almost imperceptible operation that won’t interrupt your culinary work.


Another important detail is that the kitchen extractor hoods Nuvola by Falmec are assembled in Scotch-Brite stainless steel (AISI 304) and available in white enamel or galvanized steel. Also, you can choose between a unit with the motor attached for ceiling installation, or a vertical motor unit.


So, if you were considering changing your kitchen extractor hood, we recommend you count  the model Nuvola by Falmec as an option.


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