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Hydraulic tiles are a booming trend when it comes to kitchens. Interior designers and architects seem to have rediscovered their charm and it’s common to see them nowadays adding an interesting touch to different kitchen styles.


However, as a decorative idea, they aren’t something new. Their use dates back to mid-19th century France, where they were an alternative to marble flooring.


Since then, hydraulic tiles covered the floors and walls of many homes until well into the 1960s when their use declined. But fashion always comes back in time and now they are experiencing another shiny moment.



A matter of tastes, shapes, and colors


Appreciated for their impressive variety in terms of models and colors, hydraulic tiles can add a touch of distinction through geometric and floral designs that are their hallmarks. And as for colors, you don’t have to worry as there are no limitations. These tiles offer such a broad diversity that it is difficult to choose.


Another interesting benefit – perhaps the best – that hydraulic tiles offer in terms of design is that they add a unique dynamism to the surfaces where they are installed. This means that you’ll never see a design like yours anywhere else.


But they are also a perfect aesthetic resource when it comes to delimiting space. You can use them to visually demarcate zones, such as when the kitchen is integrated into the living room. A current trend is to put wood paneling in the living room area and a hydraulic floor in the dining room resembling a carpet.


The result? An eye-catching space, full of personality with a timeless look.



And what about the walls?

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Hydraulic tiles are a luxury on kitchen walls when they’re used as backsplashes. You can easily choose from simple, understated designs in muted tones that complement your kitchen style, or bold, vibrant colors that work as a wall covering adding personality. It’s a matter of taste.


As we already told you, the models and colors of these tiles are infinite. However, if you prefer large and colorful patterns, remember to use them sparingly to avoid overloading the space, especially if it is small.


One thing to consider is that the diverse designs (geometric and floral) of the hydraulic tiles were intended to create large decorative schemes. This means that, within the same series, different models of pieces can be combined to create a unique and spectacular design.


The current trend leans towards this type of scheme and risks or dares to disorder (a controlled disorder, of course). In short, creativity is the only limiting factor, so if you have tiles from different collections, with different patterns and whose colors harmonize with each other, then there’s no reason not to mix them in the same space. This will allow you to create a casual and very colorful effect that will give a unique touch to your kitchen.


What do you say, do you dare to join the trend?


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