Cooking with firewood at home is now a reality with Alfa Forni


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Alfa Forni has a domestic line of outdoor wood-fired ovens that now belongs to the La Cuisine International family. Made with the traditional method in mind, these ultramodern appliances will allow you to make high-quality culinary recipes in the backyard of your home.


Manufactured in Italy, in a factory found near Rome, all the brand’s wood-fired ovens are ready to use. In the garden, by the pool, or at home, the Alfa Pizza product range is designed for both daily and occasional use.


Something that Alfa Forni considered is that people tend to love cooking with wood. This is not only due to the delicious flavor it provides to the prepared dishes, but also because this type of oven usually becomes a decorative attraction to the rooms where it is placed.


The brand can brag about both details. Its wood-fired ovens easily become the focal point of any space not only because of their high quality and the ability to offer professional cooking, but also because of their beauty.

But the qualities of the ovens of this brand don’t end here, there’s more…



Against all odds


Weather conditions won’t be an obstacle either for you or your family to enjoy an exquisite wood-fired pizza at home. The insulating technology of Alfa Forni ovens protects both the equipment and its contents from humidity and external heat, ensuring that the precision of your cooking won’t be affected by external agents. So, you can use it both during winter and summer.


In addition, the outdoor ovens by Alfa Forni work with both wood -to offer that special flavor to the food- and gas. This gives the user the ability to precisely control the temperature and the flames.



Luxury, design, and safety



La Cuisine International


As we said before, Alfa Forni’s outdoor products are designed so that their modern lines and colorful enamels stand out and add personality to the gardens or rooms where they are placed. But there’s more.


This Italian brand has thought about the importance of practicality in day and age. For this reason, their ovens can be installed for immediate use. For example, they don’t require any external installation if you want to use them with firewood.


Now, depending on the oven chosen, the brand offers a temperature range from 0 to 500°C, in just 10 minutes. This detail will certainly be a plus for those who want to prepare the perfect pizza at home in just 90 seconds. In short, in your backyard, you’ll have the level of professional precision that many can offer, but few can deliver.


Something you will also be interested to know about Alfa Forni’s equipment is that the heat generated by its ovens is gradually released through its chimney thanks to the brand’s patented deflector. This not only guarantees excellent performance but also greater safety.


Besides, the versatility of the outdoor ovens by Alfa Forni allows them to be installed on any surface without having to worry about the temperature. However, for greater safety and comfort, the brand offers in its accessories catalog a series of beautiful mobile bases, which will fit perfectly into the style of the space where the oven is installed.


Alfa Forni has arrived to make the taste of a good wood-fired pizza -or any other preparation- at home no longer a dream, but a delicious reality.


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