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We are already used to the colors that Smeg uses in its products, which are so beautiful that they can be literally served at the table. Red that evokes a strawberry ice cream, pastel green that reminds us of pistachios, the lilac that looks like a lavender ice cream… then, it’s not unreasonable to think that the pastel colors characteristic of the brand with the greatest personality in the world of appliances, have been inspired by delicious desserts.

Even if the desserts were the inspiration for the colors and shapes of the brand or not, what is true is that we can already reproduce them on our table in the form of delicious desserts with the quality and superior finish typical of the quality standards of  Smeg.

We already know the Stand Mixer by Smeg. The functional and of course eye-catching kitchen helper, now presents its accessory SMIC01 to prepare ice creams and cold desserts, which will allow everyone at home to become an ice cream artisan. A good ice cream can be the perfect finishing touch for any evening or the excuse for an afternoon with friends, especially in the summer, when the temperature rises, and cold desserts are on high demand. But the wonderful thing is that thanks to Smeg you can already prepare them at home, with fresh ingredients available and also adapted to different dietary regimes, so there is no excuse for enjoyment.

A magnetic love

The SMIC01 is an accessory whose base is added to the bowl of the Stand Mixer by Smeg, while it has a magnetized adapter ring that attaches to the mixer to beat according to the recipe the mixtures to prepare ice cream, sorbet, and frozen yogurt.

The creaminess of the ice cream depends on the blender, as well as the exact time it stays refrigerated. You can mix several flavors and ingredients previously refrigerated in the SMIC01 and obtain unforgettable desserts.

But don’t settle for a single taste. The accessory can also be purchased without the mixing spatulas, so you have more than one container to refrigerate and offer your guests a gallery of flavors.


La Cuisine International


Ice cream for all

Lactose intolerance, regimens with minimal sugar consumption, allergy to certain ingredients or additives such as dyes or nuts, are some of the conditions that prevent many from enjoying one of life’s greatest pleasures: a good ice cream.

The SMIC01 is designed especially for these people, or simply for those who want to enjoy a healthier life at home. Combine different fruits to obtain the most refreshing sorbets in the summer or dare to use cow’s milk substitutes to get creamy ice cream to serve alongside brownies or homemade cakes. Coconut milk, almonds, oats or soy can be your secret ingredients to prepare ice creams that everyone can try, and having the possibility to prepare them at home will allow you to regulate the amount of sugar and discover delicious combinations, while having one or several SMIC02 containers (the cooling bowl) will turn you into a luxury host.

Discover the pleasure of homemade products and enjoy making the most delicious recipes, as a family activity, that will become beautiful memories. But do so with the comfort and quality guaranteed by the products made by Smeg.


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