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Installed on islands, corners or walls, the extractor hood is a very important item in the kitchen even though it tends to go unnoticed. It extracts grease, smoke, odors, and offers focused lighting among other more specific functions.

A lighter atmosphere, free of smoke and residual odors, as well as the decrease of unwanted fat films on any surface of the kitchen, are the main effects of an appliance that until recently, didn’t offer many options. However, today it has become a design item that defines the personality of the most important place of a house, the kitchen.

The range of extractor hoods is now quite wide and fits the overall design of the space. They can be attached to the walls, islands, with telescopic installation and among this group, the design includes anything from the most discreet and functional, to the most decorative. The choice depends on the taste and location of the kitchen or induction cooktop, but in any case, regardless of the design, these new works of art are expected to be effective and quiet to avoid interfering with the frenetic activity of the kitchen.

Against the wall

Wall extractor hoods don’t necessarily have to be traditional. In vertical or horizontal designs, they can combine stainless steel with glass, acrylic and plastic in their different presentations.

The most classic is the one with a horizontal orientation that is usually attached to the wall, in the space that the cabinets allow, over the range or cooktop. In this sense, Faber -a leading brand in the market of extractor hoods- offers its Timeless Classic line.  These are conventional type extractor hoods in stainless-steel or chromed black that fit any type of design and are especially suitable for small kitchens that require maximum space optimization.

For those thinking of a more minimalistic model, the INCA LUX line is a great choice. It offers extractor hoods for recessed installation on walls that leave an elegant stainless-steel or black acrylic plate on display that fulfills the extractor function efficiently and goes almost unnoticed.

To the corner

Taking advantage of a corner to locate the kitchen or induction cooktop can be an excellent decision in a small space or when you have nearby a window with an amazing view that can be enjoyed while cooking. In this case, the extractor hood can bring the decorative touch to the space in very particular shapes.

For those who want a traditional kitchen, perhaps with enamel or wood finishes for a bit of a country style, Faber has designed the West Angolo extractor hoods, which underneath wonderful classic shapes with finishes in carved wood hides all the technology that the brand exhibits on its products for maximum performance. But if your taste is rather avant-garde, modern or industrial and the idea of using a corner is still standing, then the SOLARIS line by Faber is the most appropriate option due to its simple lines, stainless-steel shell and LED lighting.


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At the center of the heart

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and the stoves, induction or electric cooktops are the heart of the kitchen. For that reason, the latest trends in decoration and design place the extractor hood on an island in the center of the space, allowing the cook to dominate such space and offer a closer attention to his guests, in addition to delicious dishes.

And since a kitchen isn’t complete without an extractor hood, the islands also have their options. From the modern stainless-steel column and glass plate of the GLASSY ISOLA line, to the glamorous GLOW PLUS line that more than operating like simple extractor hoods work in terms of design as beautiful lamps that are the protagonists of the kitchen, with imposing shapes that no one can ignore, performing efficiently as smoke extractors and air purifiers at the same time.

Finally, if you want to include a country touch in the decoration of an island kitchen, the THEA ISOLA line is a perfect reference to a cabin kitchen due to its lacquered black wood finish.

Deciding which hood to use isn’t a difficult decision to make when you have already defined the location of the kitchen. The important thing, in any case, is that you know experts in the field, such as Faber, who will be able to offer you an interesting and special option that suits your style and needs.


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