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The Oxxeo Building in Madrid has generated a new concept of urbanism called “Oxxperience.” The work aims at satisfying the demands of comfort of users in terms of aesthetics, avant-garde design and modernism in an office building that represents an answer to the deficit of buildings of this type in the city, especially when it comes to the “prime” or elite range of offices.

The complex is already an architectural success. The Oxxeo Building has the Platinum Leed certification in the Core & Shell category due to its high levels of sustainability, the Well Building Standard, in the Core & Shell category due to the conditions of health and wellness it offers to human beings, and the 5-star-DIGA Certification for its high levels of accessibility for people with special requirements in terms of mobility, which guarantees the compliance of the requirements of the concept.

The construction is located in the privileged northern area of Madrid, specifically in the sector of Las Tablas, an area that continues growing and that is becoming a new modern district for the business development of the city. Currently, the impressive work begins to be occupied by the most important business firms and it couldn’t be any other way: aside from the multiple benefits it offers to its users, perhaps one of the most attractive ones is its competitive price. Just 18 Euros ($22) per square meter per month, which is an offer hard to resist.

Light as the focal point

The breathtaking work of 14,300 square meters of construction and triangular-shape ground floor is fully exposed by glass walls. However, the building is surrounded by a hollow lattice structure with diamond shapes that, aside from protecting it from direct sunlight and heat, it allows the entrance of natural light and generates a luminous atmosphere around the construction thanks to the combination of luminous bulbs in the base of each of the diamonds. This creates the illusion that the structure is illuminated from the bottom up by an enveloping halo of light that establishes a dialogue with the interior illumination of the building.

However, light is not only important on the outside. The Oxxeo Building is the first building in Spain with a dynamic lighting system, which adjusts the color of light throughout the day, regulating the circadian rhythms of its users and providing greater wellbeing to them.

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Taking full advantage of time and space

The “oxxperience”, that the Oxxeo Building exhibits, comes from the fact that the space is as efficiently used as the time of those who will use the building. Therefore, the mega construction offers comfort, connectivity, and versatility to its users. Proof of this is the extraordinary use of the roof of the building.

It’s a space dedicated to enjoyment and recreation with a rather unique offer: two individual paddle tennis courts, jogging paths, outdoor exercise area, and rest area. And as the cherry on top of all that: the roof has a spectacular view of one of the most privileged areas of Madrid.

Regarding the underground area, the building has 450 parking spaces distributed over two floors below ground, including spots for electric vehicles, fuel-efficient vehicles, and bicycles. The five floors of offices have a clear height of 2.7 meters and a flexible structure that allows its modification according to the needs of the users.

When it comes to the main floor, the premises can be used both for retail spaces and offices. The structure contains internal and external landscaping, a drop-off area for taxis, and street furniture.

The international studio Rafael De la Hoz was hired to design the modern structure that had a cost of 43.5 million Euros (52, 2 million Dollars), which is currently considered as one of the city’s top commercial buildings.


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