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If you love to be the barman during parties or gatherings, you surely know that it is essential to know the exact amounts of the ingredients for each cocktail, have a well-stocked liquor bar, and a good ice machine. Both trendy cocktails as well as classic ones require a very special type of ice cube. One that is big enough to keep the cocktail cold, yet small enough to allow you to enjoy the drink, and also the guilty pleasure of chewing ice.

In that sense, Scotsman is positioned as the specialized brand in the category. Aside from the important technological advantages of ice machines, Scotsman has in its favor having introduced the Chewable Ice (1981) to the food industry. The shape of the cube not only reduced the visits to the dentist for compulsive ice chewers but also provided cocktails and their makers with a type of crunchy ice cube capable of cooling and adding charm to drinks.

But this brand -that is also the pioneer in the development of home ice machines in the 50’s- knows well that there are other drinks that require an ice cube of a larger size (gourmet ice). It happens that, adding tiny ice cubes to a Scotch is not only wrong but also heresy. For that reason, Scotsman has created a solution for every need and the choice will depend on the type of barman that you are.


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A world of cocktails

The ice machine Brilliance ® Nugget by Scotsman will be your family’s favorite appliance. On the one hand, children will love making summer crushed-ice drinks with its soft and chewable ice and on the other hand, you will have the best ice available to prepare drinks. Besides, this is an efficient ice machine in terms of energy and water. It produces 80 pounds of regular ice in 245 hours and the control panel makes it user friendly.

It is perfect to be placed under an island (15 inches) in the kitchen and even to be part of the outdoor equipment. Also, this machine has a LED illumination system that indicates when it is on, needs water or has to be cleaned. One of its best features is that it is one of the quietest ice machines in the market.


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Gourmet ice cubes

Crystalline ice cubes with a distinctive shape that melt down slowly are some of the main promises of the Legacy and Brilliance Gourmet Cuber ice machines from Scotsman. So, these machines supply the perfect ice for premium liquor, mixed drinks, or special occasions at home.

Both the Legacy Gourmet Cuber (MODELO-DCE33) as well as the different Brilliance Gourmet Cuber (SCC30 and SCC50) models are 15-inches machines that have in common the luxury and the production of 30 pounds of ice cubes (in 24 hours) that don’t pile up or are diluted into the drink. Also, these models come with reversible doors and built-in drain pumps.

The three models are perfect to be placed in common areas in the home, so they are perfect pieces to integrate into the kitchen or the game room. Therefore, with the options served, you just have to choose the machine that best suits the type of barman that you are.


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