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We have all built complete cities with LEGO blocks at some point in our lives. Huge skyscrapers, homes full of color and endless possibilities were in our hands thanks to the famous Danish toy brand. Well, the French start-up Brikawood has turned the dreams of many into reality by creating wood bricks that intertwine with each other in the purest LEGO style to build ecological homes.

The system that allows inexperienced builders to assemble and disassemble a whole house without using glue, nails, or screws; is part of a project to develop ecological, economical, and sustainable habitats with social orientation. With a somewhat romantic vision, the company states in its website ( that their objective is a happy, clean, and innovative simplicity that counteracts current trends and aims at building homes that “only have what is essential.”

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Recyclable technology

The system of the French company is sold in kits that come with all the necessary equipment to build anything from a small wood studio in your backyard to that house to spend a vacation with family or friends. And the best part is that, according to Brikawood, you don’t even need to have experience in construction to assemble one of their homes and it is possible to do it in just a matter of days.

The reason behind it isn’t precisely that their construction formula is simple; it means that the general development of this system doesn’t include technology. According to its creators, it is the result of 10 years of research and development and currently holds 10 patents and tests performed for the CRITT (Regional Centers for Innovation and Technology Transfer). Additionally, the wood used to manufacture the bricks is certified by the CSTB (Scientific and Technical Center in the Construction Sector), so these bricks have unparallel thermic, mechanical, acoustic, and earthquake proof properties.

Besides, the brick created by Brikawood is 100% natural and recyclable from the beginning to the end of their cycle of use. Also, the concept is scalable, so electrical or pipes systems can be easily incorporated to the same. As if that wasn’t enough, the company offers 4 home models (1291 ft2, 1076 ft2, 915 ft2 and 646 ft2) with different amounts of bedrooms and spaces that can be adapted to every need.

So, if you are looking for something to build with your family, what could be better than your summer home?


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