Liebherr MRB 2400: the perfect refrigeration column for your home


MRV2400 Liebherr


We always say that refrigerators are the backbone of food preservation at home. Therefore, choosing the perfect equipment, or rather the right one, involves considering different elements and variables.


Let’s start with the main one: the number of people in the household. A refrigerator for a family of 6 is different from one for a small family (3), or a couple. And how do we know this? Well, by looking at the capacity of the refrigerator and applying a simple formula that suggests calculating 4.5 cubic feet per person.


Thus, a refrigerator for a large family should have at least 28 cubic feet. While one for a small family or a couple should have a minimum of between 18 and 12 cubic feet.


The other considerations when choosing a refrigerator are the following: the dimensions of the kitchen, the energy consumption of the appliance, the noise it makes, and last but not least, the layout of the space inside the refrigerator.


With all that in mind, recent trends in food preservation invite users to choose appliances with refrigerator and freezer space separated as far as possible.  This aims not only to provide the household with more freezer volume, which has become important in post-pandemic times, but also to optimize refrigeration capacity, and give greater relevance to fresh food in our diet.




The ideal refrigeration column


Liebherr is always one step ahead when it comes to refrigeration trends. Their appliances have the necessary elegance to fit perfectly into any kitchen style so they can be integrated, or placed individually, without inconvenience. These are also high-tech refrigerators manufactured to help you preserve food better and longer.


In this sense, the model  MRB 2400  of this German brand reflects the new trends described above. With an approximate capacity for a family of three people, it is a cooling column that offers many benefits.


Its BioFresh technology distributes the cold evenly throughout the column, but adjusts the temperature by area, according to its use. Longer shelf-life foods are placed in the upper trays with lower temperatures and fast-consuming foods are placed in the lower trays which have a higher temperature. Likewise, the drawers have humidity control.

The third drawer with BioFresh Plus technology keeps fresh fish at -2°C and prevents freezing. This is perfect especially when you want to prepare a ceviche at dinner, for example, so you won’t have to freeze the fish and then defrost it, which could cause problems and delays.


In terms of the refrigerator’s operation, the MRB 2400 is one of the quietest on the market. SuperQuiet technology keeps noise to a minimum thanks to its noise-absorbing compressors.


This Monolith cools food in record time by decreasing the temperature adjustment process to ensure optimal preservation. Besides, its infinite light system offers smart illumination of spaces to provide a clear overview at a glance of the inventory.


In addition to all these benefits, this refrigerator can be controlled remotely with the SmartDeviceBox and through a cell phone app. So, there’s no doubt that the MRB 2400 is a great example of why technology, quality, and durability are part of the Liebherr signature.



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