Coyote’s luxury in three stages


Coyote Dolores 42 s series


It’s not the same to say you have a grill as saying that you have a Coyote grill. The difference is the luxury, versatility, precision, and safety that the premium brand in outdoor cooking offers.


Coyote Outdoor Living grills are built with power, durability, and precision that turn outdoor cooking into a chef’s experience. Each appliance has the best features of its category: high-quality materials, sober design, and state-of-the-art technology.


So, we are talking about appliances that are completely built with 304 stainless steel and have special characteristics such as double-walled stainless steel covers, cast stainless steel burners, and zinc-nickel alloy knobs.


Another fantastic detail is that the combustion chamber of these grills has been specially created by the brand, and along with the Coyote professional burner system, is responsible for providing a perfect and uniform cooking experience every time.


In this opportunity, out of this manufacturer’s extensive catalog, we will tell you about the S Series. This line of grills with unique cooking characteristics and different dimensions (42″, 36,” and 30″) elevates the Sunday barbecue experience to a new level of sophistication.


coyote C25SL42


The past


By having a Coyote grill at home you will leave in the past things like the following: worrying about the humidity of the coals, the problem with the unseasonal winds, and the need to do a lot so your meats or vegetables are grilled to perfection. This brand has worked hard to improve the tradition of outdoor cooking, and this series of customizable grills are a perfect example of this.


Easy to install, and made of chrome-plated stainless steel with a luxurious and elegant look, these appliances have been created to transform the Sunday barbecue experience into a memorable moment. The reason? Coyote wants to bring the convenience of a professional kitchen to your backyard.


So, the resistance and good design of the different models of the S Series are evidence of the identity of the brand.


The present


Coyote S Series grills have exclusive features that make them the most attractive on the market. Let’s start by talking about the main thing: cooking possibilities.


Equipped with four high-performance Infinity Burners for cooking, these grills have a rear rotisserie burner and a searing burner. All in a surface of almost 955 square inches, so we are talking about a piece of equipment that offers you a wide variety of cooking possibilities.


As if that was not enough, Coyote thought about those long gatherings that extend until sunset. As a result, this series of grills features LED lighting inside, and on the control knobs, which are located on the front of the stainless steel body. This means you’ll not only see what you’re cooking but how you’re cooking it.


The future


These grills have a series of accessories to improve even further the outdoor cooking experience. In other words, this line is designed to expand the cooking methods with the same equipment.


So you can add to your original appliance accessories like smoking trays (you can use wooden briskets) to add a delicious flavor to the food, a roasting kit, the heat control grids or ceramic briquettes to keep the temperature more accurate, an insulated jacket to protect the grill from the weather, and a converter for natural gas or propane, among others.


In short, having a Coyote grill at home is not only a guarantee of excellent barbecues but also of having made an investment that will last for a long time for your family’s enjoyment.



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