The future on a line


The project in Saudi Arabia


The project for a new futuristic capital is being developed in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Prince Mohammad bin Salman’s vision for the next generations includes sustainability, modernism, beauty, and of course, as anyone could expect from this country, plenty of opulence.


The Line has nothing to do with the futuristic city projects presented in other countries. This is a 200 meters wide and 500 meters high corridor that, along 170 km, will house 9 million people, to include in this new ecosystem, the greatest possible contact with nature, but with the minimum carbon footprint.


Everything is located 5 minutes away


The prince promises to prioritize the well-being and health of the residents of the futuristic city over the development of infrastructure or road platforms. To achieve this, one of the main goals of the project is to provide accessibility to all services and commodities within a five-minute walking radius of any housing development.


The Line won’t include highways or allow private transportation. An electric train powered by the city’s energy will take commuters from one end of the 170-km city to the other in just 20 minutes. But basic needs can be met with just a short walk.


The project translates into energy savings and also an incentive to a more physically active life, which will make a great impact both on the quality of life of people and on the preservation of natural resources.


The project in Saudi Arabia


In communion with nature


The New Sustainable Habitat Models for Humanity NEOM is a set of 6 districts of urban developments planned in Saudi Arabia for sustainable future living without sacrificing luxury and quality of life. The Line is part of this proposal and as such, the inclusion of nature in all spaces is one of the premises of the development.


The 500-meter-high corridor will have several levels that will include spaces for the growth of diverse natural species for the enjoyment of the population, which at the same time will contribute to the purification and renewal of the air. The walls of the corridor will allow views of the landscapes surrounding the city, as well as the night sky, giving everyone the chance to enjoy the stars.


Zero carbon emissions and the generation of the energy necessary to maintain the city’s industrial, commercial and domestic activities make it a state-of-the-art technology option that could be replicated in other parts of the world.


A project that takes humanity one step closer to overcoming the limitations of time and brings us closer to the goal of absolute sustainability that will prolong human life on the planet.



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