The importance of washing the washing machine


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It’s neither a typo nor a tongue twister, washing the washing machine is necessary. One of the most important household appliances in terms of home maintenance, it’s also frequently one of the most neglected when it comes to the care it needs to function properly.


The maintenance of the washing machine, regardless of the brand or model, is crucial to extend its useful life and to preserve the family’s clothes or household linens. Therefore, it’s important to start setting a day in the calendar to wash or clean the washing machine with a few simple tips.


How do you begin this task? Well, here are the simple tips we’re talking about.


Caring for the filter

Have you ever thought about where the hair, rubber bands, pieces of paper, buttons, and even metal objects that often get caught in the clothes you put in the washing machine end up? Well, all that and more gets caught in the filter that’s normally located at the bottom of the appliance.


If you don’t perform regular maintenance of the same, all that dirt that should be picked up will stay on your clothes. Which in other words means that you’ll be wasting the washing cycle and damaging the garments.


So, once a month (and depending on the frequency of use), it’s recommended to unplug the washing machine, place some linens on the floor to collect the excess water, and remove the filter to wash it with cold water and a sponge or brush. Once cleaned, it’s important to let it dry well before reinstalling it.


Cleaning the detergent or softener container

The drawer or container where the detergent or softener is deposited is, ironically, the least clean place in the washing machine. This is usually the deposit of the remains of these substances that remain embedded in the plastic.


To wash it, just soak it for a while in warm water and then rinse it with cold water. This will dissolve all the material that remains there, which will return the container to its original clean condition.


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Most importantly, the drum  

The drum can be disinfected once a month with a mixture of white vinegar and baking soda. This mixture is added to the water of a load on an empty washing machine, and after a full washing cycle, you’ll leave the drum brand new.


It’s worth mentioning that you must avoid any products containing bleach in this wash. The reason is simple: it can damage the clothes in the next load.


Next, the rubbers must be cleaned. This should be done with a damp cloth. By doing so, you will realize where those little black dots that remain on certain garments after washing come from.


Finally, a highly recommended practice in washing machine maintenance is to leave the door open after each use. This allows residual moisture to dry, which prevents unpleasant odors.


With these simple tips, the useful life of your washing machine will be extended in time. Besides, your clothes will thank you because you will avoid unnecessary stains and odors that you don’t want to carry with you.


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