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Liebherr seems to be perfectly aware of how important smart and sustainable homes are to the Millennial generation. Even though, according to figures of Bank of America, 72% of the adults of the future consider that having a home of their own is important, but it is also that the same has interconnected appliances and that it doesn’t contribute to environmental pollution.

Therefore, the concept that will dominate the future will be no other than domotics, which describes the system of technologies applied to the control and smart automation of an architectural work. This, along with the concept of green or sustainable construction, will soon be a must in construction plans, as it allows efficient management of energy consumption, safety, accessibility, and the general comfort of a house or building.

Consequently, homes with domotic systems will soon cease to be a luxury to become a feasible, effective and an essential solution for all types of projects. All this indicates that Liebherr is up-to-date when it comes to integrating systems that guarantee its users not only the connectivity of the same, but also a smart use of energy.

Regarding the nomenclatures and ways to save energy

Obviously, Millennials agree that the refrigerator is the appliance that we use the most. And although for them the experience that an appliance can provide is essential, they give more importance -than other generations- to the choice of equipment of the energetic class that helps them reduce more the energy consumption in the home of their dreams.

What does this mean? It means that Millennials -who are always curious and informed about the technological and ecological aspects- are familiar with a nomenclature that we all should know, so we explain it below.

Today, appliances are categorized by energy class. So, the more plus signs (+) the class has, the lower the energy consumption of the same.


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In sum, if the focus is to reduce energy consumption, it is advisable to buy appliances from the classes A++ or A+++.


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The Refrigerator as the leading appliance

Liebherr has travelled a long path to be in tune with current trends in the area of connectivity and energy consumption reduction. In fact, its BluPerformance line has taken a qualitative leap in terms of energy efficiency.

All the devices of the BluPerformance line belong to the energy efficiency class A+++ or A+++/-20%. And in fact, the most recent models consume 20% less energy than the refrigerators with the best class of energy efficiency A+++ that exist so far. This translates not only into greater energy savings, but also into fresher food.

Reading the stars

Another nomenclature that must be known to take advantage of the freezers included in the refrigerators of the BluPerformance line by Liebherr stars in the drawers of the same.

What do those stars mean? Each star indicates the freezing power. In other words, the more stars, the lower the temperature the freezer will get. With This knowledge you will be able to freeze -safely and faster- the food to last much longer and in perfect condition.

Another thing you should know is that each star also means a freezing capacity of -6 º C. In this sense, fresh food is ideally frozen at temperatures below -18 º C, so a domestic freezer must have 4 stars.

Now, the good news is that all Liebherr freezers are 4 stars and can reach temperatures up to -32 º C. So, the food in your freezer will keep its organoleptic properties unaltered and you will be able to preserve it for much longer than a conventional freezer.

So, if you were not aware of these requirements, it is better to take note so that your home rides the wave of changes taken by the hand by a brand like Liebherr.


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