Liebherr creates refrigerators that resemble their owners


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No more standard, boring refrigerators that have nothing to say about you. Liebherr offers you the possibility to have fun putting together the -just like a toy- refrigerator of your dreams.

A single unit which includes a freezer, vine cellar, food refrigerator, ice cellar, and beverage center is not only possible but it also happens that Liebherr brings to your home the best design and the most efficient technology.

Ask for it just like a child

Why settle for what everyone else has? The advantage of the semi-independent refrigerators made by Liebherr is the possibility to design the unit according to the customer’s tastes and needs. As if you were dealing with a set of blocks, you can combine several functions depending on the space available.

Liebherr offers the 120cm semi-recessed unit with enough space to fulfill your desires.

It’s possible to combine two independent towers, one for refrigeration and another for freezing, as it’s the case of the SBSef 7242 ComfortNoFrost, or a cooling tower, a vertical freezer, and an independent wine cellar like the SBSes 8486 PremiumPlusBioFreshNoFrost offers.


La Cuisine International


Honoring requests

Don’t let a refrigerator be a limitation in the decoration of your kitchen.

The independent refrigerators by Liebherr offer its stainless steel covers with SmartSteel technology. This technology reduces the visibility of fingerprints, scratches and scuffs, simplifying cleanliness, and keeping the appearance of this noble material that, covers all sides of the unit. Making it elegant, modern and adaptable to all kinds of environments, allowing you to locate it anywhere in the kitchen.

But if you wish to integrate the refrigerator to your own design, these units are also semi-recessed. This detail turns them into appliances that are fully adaptable to the design of any kitchen.


La Cuisine International


Beauty with content

Not only is the shape important. After all, if you’re looking for a refrigerator, the refrigeration functions should be the priority. But that isn’t something to worry about, since all the options that Liebherr offers are equipped with the best technology.

The double cooling system DuoCooling keeps food fresh longer, making sure that smells don’t mix. The telescopic guides of their drawers and grates, guarantee a smooth and fluid movement despite holding the maximum weight capacity. As well as the SoftSystem guarantee that the doors close without impact, reducing the possibility of accidents even if the doors are fully loaded.

The elderly used to say that you cannot play with food, but no one said that you cannot play with your refrigerator.


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