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Stairs have become the main character, since they have elevated the design of a house, building, or structure to another level. This corridor that communicates the different floors of a building, can become a catwalk that shows visitors the personality of the architect.

Since ancient times, stairs that are a simple gadget that serves to go from one floor to another, have been covered by interesting symbolism that has been used by architects and designers. One of these symbols is the staircase of the biblical patriarch Jacob. The mysterious staircase that appears in his dreams not only to serve as a bridge between the Earth and heaven, but also between the history of humanity and the many Kingdoms and empires that have dominated the world over centuries.

Recently, stairs have become authentic showcases of the expertise of their builders by using materials, shapes, and elevations that despite defying gravity, continue to offer security to their users. As a sample of the new approach of their forms, we share 3 impressive staircases that will elevate your perception of design.


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SDM Stairs, the sculpture of ARQMOV

A residential apartment built in the year 2014 in Mumbai, hosts a sculpture that honors fluidity and integration. It’s also a staircase that connects the social area with the bedrooms.

In the work, the first three steps are located as independent strips. The rest of the piece consists of lines that are folded together in order to make steps and rails at a lower and higher level. On each step, the width and inclination are reduced and adjusted as the staircase climbs, to provide the feeling of a ramp, making said climb more comfortable.

The structure is built with wood slats suspended on a metal structure that’s anchored to the walls and reinforced by steel cables, which hold the levels above the roof. The space between the steps allows all the light from the windows to fill up the spaces.


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The social spiral of MaasArchitecten and EsStairs

Communicating, in the broadest sense of the word is the leitmotiv of this spectacular staircase. In fact, it isn’t only a matter of joining the spaces, but also promoting the interaction between its users and the interaction between them and the rest of the environment. The staircase begins with a soft spiral and a landing on every two steps on the first floor and continues with a tight curl that joins the following three floors, where users can appreciate the view thanks to the balconies with rounded rails. This staircase was built at the new 30,700-square-foot headquarters of the company Vreugdenhil Dairy Foods in the Netherlands. The EeSoft technology by EeStairs is the secret of architects to achieve a perfect finish in this complex structure.


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The disruption of Elite Metalcraft Co. Ltd

While fluidity and continuity were the motto in the previous example, in this case, the disruption and surprise are the characteristics of this unusual but very elegant work. It’s a composition of materials that are arranged in geometric form, giving the impression that you are in an ascending labyrinth.

The set of lights cannot go unnoticed, because it precisely reinforces this sensation. The elm wood steps rest on an invisible metal structure and are attached to glass panels that work as rails that aren’t noticeable in the images and are also interrupted by slats of elm where a hidden support system is attached, which is specially designed to provide this visual effect. The spectacular staircase is part of a house built by the firm Elite Metalcraft in London in 2015.

Regardless of the nature that the design portrays on the staircase, the truth is that from a simple utilitarian system of communication between spaces, these stairs already provide the construction scene with a new air that connects them to beauty and art.


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