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The work of Liebherr-Hausgeräte (Liebherr appliances) was recognized with the German Designs Awards in 2018, for its combination series of appliances BluFerformance with BioFresh (CBNies 4858, CBNi 4858, CBNP 4858, CBNPes 4858, CBNPbs 4858, CBNigw 4855, CBNigb 4855, CBNPgw 4855 and CBNPgb 4855) and in 2019 for the SBSes 8486 BluPerformance (side to side) and the wine cabinet EWTgb 3583. This distinction awarded by the German Design Council is one of the most prestigious design awards in the world, which is highly appreciated, both inside and outside of  the industry.

The German Design Awards are granted – since 2012 – to works of extraordinary design quality, and whose visual design and conception present solutions and aspects that are particularly successful. In short, it’s an award that recognizes the commitment, both of the company and its designers, to the excellence of the company.

That is why the recognition of the appliances of the brand for two consecutive years is a reason to rejoice, since according to the brand: “the awards are another proof of the excellent quality and the classic and timeless design that constitute the hallmark of our products.”


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What the experts say

Last year, the Jury of the German Design Award said that the work of the brand Liebherr has impressed them due to the use of advanced technology in the BluPerformance combinations series.

In the press information for the award the jury highlighted the variety of functions of these refrigerators, which not only guarantee the storage of a wide range of food in optimal conditions, but also provide maximum comfort for the user. In addition, they emphasized how important was for them the fact that that these appliances produced low noise at the time of making their decision.

In 2019, the jury that awarded the SBSes 8486 and the wine cabinet EWTgb 3583 said regarding the first one that “it’s not just a refrigerator, but a fully functional SUV with a high-quality modern design, unique for its distinctive side to side door.” Additionally, the jury referred to it as an appliance with a clean design that adds a touch of elegance to any room.

Regarding the wine cabinet EWTgb 3583 that also won the German Design Award, the jury mentioned that it was a fantastic product that is impressive in all aspects, since “it’s a very modern home wine cellar that offers two independent climatic zones that can be adjusted separately.” Likewise, the jury highlighted the fact that it had a glass door that transforms it into an elegant piece of furniture, which is reinforced by the interior LED lighting.

So, Liebherr appliances are not only acknowledged with this recognition that adds prestige to their already well-known quality, but the opinion of the jury serves as an endorsement to those who need one more reason to choose the interesting bet of this brand that combines functionality, design and technology.


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