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In the acclaimed Mexican film “Like water for chocolate” by Alfonso Arau, the combination of magical realism, good cooking, and a love story, tells the story of a family around the stove and serves it with every dish the protagonist prepares. This is a film that shows us that the kitchen is more than just the place where we prepare our meals.


With this in mind, Invisacook decided to transform this space into an almost magical place, reinventing all concepts and using technology to bring us closer to the future.


Imagine for a moment, that you can defy all conventional expectations and cook on an invisible hob or cooktop. Keep reading to find out.


Invisacook is installed under your countertop, saying goodbye to induction or glass-ceramic hobs. Thanks to its advanced technology, you have the visual illusion of cooking directly on your kitchen countertop.



Endless possibilities


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In this “invisible” cooktop you have an element that integrates perfectly into any decoration, so it won’t interrupt but complement the style of decoration of the area where it’s installed.


This means you’ll love it if you have a center island because you’ll be able to develop all the action around the same every time you have guests over to eat at your house.


By now, you may be wondering whether this is a safe appliance or not, or what’s the catch. The truth is, there is none.


This appliance uses Invisa’s advanced induction technology, so it works through the countertop to heat the surface and create a suitable cooking space. In addition, because the Invisacook doesn’t generate direct heat, it is still safe to use as a traditional countertop space when not in operation.


And if you think that this cooktop doesn’t work like the others, you’ll be glad to know that Invisacook is faster than traditional gas or electric cooktops, but it is also one of the safest appliances to have in the house because it remains slightly warm to the touch, without the risk of causing skin burns, thus providing you greater safety when cooking. So, its invisibility is a strength and not a cause for concern.


And how does this marvel work? Like any other induction cooktop. Invisacook has a touch control panel where you can regulate its temperature.


In addition, the system has an independent countdown timer, so you never forget to turn it off, plus each element of this cooktop has an individual switch that can be turned off when not in use.


Finally, if you are a fan of cleanliness and the idea of scratches on induction or glass ceramic cooktops concerns you, nothing is easier to clean than Invisacook,  and you won’t risk damaging or tainting its surface. What are you waiting for to experience it? The kitchen of the future is here, as if by magic.


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