Inca Pro Plus by Faber: a professional extractor hood at home


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Faber has spared no effort to be ahead of time when it comes to home extractor hoods. In a time when open-environment kitchens are so fashionable, the Inca Pro Plus is the perfect solution to avoid that the odors that come from cooking cloud the atmosphere of the house.

This company, which has been a pioneer in the manufacture of extractor hoods, has managed to perfectly combine usability and design in a way that an appliance that used to be considered a necessary evil, today becomes the almost silent ally in a well-orchestrated kitchen design.


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One concept, different options

Considering the demands of the market and the different needs of the users, the Inca Pro Plus extractor hood is available in three different widths and two depths. With 5 blower options, this insert vent hood offers the necessary power, style and functionality to satisfy the tastes and requirements of modern kitchens.

This home extractor hood with professional performance offers the 4 most important guarantees of the brand Faber:

• Efficient energy use. This appliance comes with low power LED bulbs (5 watts) to illuminate the cooking area.
• Motor Pro. The motor of this hood has metallic blowers surrounded by metal that not only provide a superior performance, but also make it a solid and safe extractor hood.
• Washable grease filters. The SS metal filters or baffles in charge of retaining the grease are dishwasher-safe.
• Easy to install. The units have easy adjustable automatic mounting clips that are easily tightened to the sides of the cabinet floor


La Cuisine International


Form follows function

The design of Faber’s extractor hoods is based on the principle coined by the famous architect Louis Henry Sullivan: “form follows function”. This is evident in the design and operation of the Inca Pro Plus.

In any of its presentations (sizes) this extractor hood with a very simple and sober design, fully made in stainless-steel, stands out for providing the proper ventilation for your kitchen, which guarantees that the air in your home will be clean.

The International Residential Code (IRC), states that the minimum rate required for a standard kitchen is 100 cfm, which means that the Inca Pro Plus, which has 300, 600, 1,200 internal cfm (depending on the size) or 900, 1,200 remote cfm, is a powerful extractor hood. That, plus the fact that the hood and motor can be personally chosen, makes this Faber extractor hood the ideal choice for any kitchen. Not for nothing this brand is the pioneer in this area.


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