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Having a new refrigerator is quite an event since it’s supposed to be a major long-term purchase. For that precise reason, you shouldn’t take lightly the steps before its installation and the first care that’s given to one of the most important and expensive household appliances.


Here are some tips to welcome the most important guest in your kitchen with that in mind.



A privileged location


Like the guest of honor at a big party, the refrigerator cannot be installed just anywhere . The first thing to consider is location,  it must be located on a fully flat floor or surface without uneven areas to ensure that all refrigerator spaces are cooled evenly.


Next, it’s important to place  this appliance away from any heat source. That is, whenever possible, it shouldn’t be near the stove or cooktop, oven, or any window where the sun’s rays enter directly. If that’s not possible, one option could be to cover the refrigerator with good insulation so it won’t be  affected by high temperatures.


Another important aspect when it comes to the location of the refrigerator is the fact that its doors should open at least at a 90° angle. Also, if the refrigerator is built-in, you must leave enough space behind and above it for air to circulate.


If the refrigerator has a water dispenser, the appliance needs to be located near a water outlet. In addition, for your safety, the refrigerator must be connected to the power outlet without the use of any electrical installations.


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Take your time


Even if your first impulse is to cool a bottle of sparkling wine to debut your new refrigerator, we advise you to take your time beforehand. Refrigerators operate with refrigerants, gas, and other substances that need to stabilize before they begin their operation.


Then, after being transported to your home, your refrigerator must have a few hours of rest (the time will depend on the method of transportation and the instruction manual) before plugging it in. On the other hand, cleaning the appliance is vital before introducing food and beverages.


A wet cloth with warm soapy water or a sponge with baking soda diluted in water may be enough to remove odors and impurities before storing and cooling your food. The last step is  to regulate the internal temperature and wait until you have the optimum level of cooling to start using your new ally in the kitchen.


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