The Brook, or the luxury of living in four square meters


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How many square meters do you need to live comfortably? Have you ever thought about it? Well, the new notions of “luxury” no longer put emphasis on large spaces but on design (read also Compact luxury, the megatrend of the future).


Proof of this is the cabin designed and built by Nick Lane and Aaron Shields in collaboration with Small and Small Projects. The Brook is the name of a luxurious building that can captivate anyone due to  its comfort and beauty with minimal space, aside from the fact that it can be transported.


Plus , this is not  only a mobile home, but a cabin with a modern and sober design that can be placed in any convenient location. In short, a new architectural notion that’s here to stay.



Within everyone’s reach


The purpose of the design of this tiny home is to respond to the need to generate affordable housing that serves as a housing solution that’s as environmentally friendly as possible. In the case of The Brook, it was designed in Australia, to be installed in Rosebrook, southwest Victoria, to provide its guests with the benefit of enjoying the impressive landscapes of the area from the inside.


La Cuisine International
© Dereck Swalwell


The small cabin is covered in local cypress wood, which makes it blend in with the landscape. Its huge windows allow natural light to enter and the landscape serves  as the best interior decoration.


The cabin plans are available to anyone who wants to purchase the  design package on the studio’s website, which  includes  the list of materials, AutoCAD drawings, 13 high-resolution photographs by Dereck Swalwell, and 3D floor plans among other things.



Sustainable and modern


The construction, inspired by the local landscape, gathers a variety of recycled and long-lasting materials, which makes The Brook even more attractive. Among the basic promises that make The Brook interesting is that all materials will benefit from natural light and maintain the house’s internal heat, making its electrical consumption as minimal as possible.


The walls of the bathroom are covered with volcanic stones from the area, and the construction is made of concrete and previously recycled galvanized steel . The cypress slats that cover the house come from trees that were cut down in the area, and the staircase and the kitchen counter are made of recycled concrete and mesh from abandoned cow feeders and pig sheds. Thus, the appearance of the house will change over the years due to the elements, until the building becomes more and more part of the environment.


As for the interior design and use of space, this construction plays with different levels and heights to differentiate the environments and provide a feeling of spaciousness to the user. The designers also chose to use wood and dark colors in the interior of the cabin, to create contrast and take advantage of the light.


Housing alternatives like The Brook are becoming increasingly popular because of their affordability and the possibility they offer to occupy  a functional, easy-to-maintain space. So, have you already decided on one of these small-package wonders? Are you ready to live in just four square meters? (See also Nestron Cube TWO, when size doesn’t matter).


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