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The  manufactured by Thermador combines two of the healthiest and most effective ways of cooking: steam and convection. Why? To allow users to prepare healthier and more appetizing dishes in less time.


But, the benefits that this appliance can offer to your kitchen don’t end there.



Uniform cooking


The difference between a convection oven and a regular one lies in the fact that the convection oven is equipped with a fan that allows a permanent circulation of hot air inside the chamber. This ensures that the heat reaches the food in all areas at the same time and with the same intensity.


In this way, cooking is more efficient and uniform, while food retains a higher percentage of moisture, making it ideal for meats. In this sense, the PODS301W Steam Convection Oven  by Thermador offers the possibility of convection baking and grilling, so your dishes and meats can have that crispy and golden finish on the outside but are juicy on the inside without the need to turn them over during cooking.





As for the steam cooking of the Steam Convection, we can tell you that this oven keeps the liquids in the food and cooks it thanks to the heat emitted and the water in the tank attached to it. In short, the appliance cooks meats or other dishes in their broth, trapping all the substance and flavor while decreasing the amount of fat.


Until now, both cooking methods have not been combined in a single appliance, but the Steam Convection oven PODS301W offers the novelty of bringing them together for everyone’s enjoyment.


La Cuisine International


More than just baking


In addition to the convection and steam options, Thermador’s PODS301W Steam Convection Oven also allows defrosting, dehydrating, dough tempering, and heating conventionally. All these functions are available through a full-color digital front panel where you can set cooking times and temperatures. Y ou can also choose these commands from the Home Connect application, which will also allow you to receive maintenance, monitoring, and control diagnostics.


As if that wasn’t enough, the PODS301W Oven  is a self-cleaning appliance that completes a maintenance cycle. Not only the chamber  but also the racks and trays are spotless in two hours without any external effort. The oven also features SoftClose technology for a smooth and quiet closing.


There are many advantages that the Steam Convection PODS301W  by Thermador can bring to your kitchen including multiple trays and racks, a temperature tester, and a recipe book for the delight of the whole family.


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