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GIGA X8 is Jura’s new proposal to make coffee in a professional way. Why would you have to follow that many steps to make a cup of coffee? In the era where everything is connected thanks to the Internet, Jura bets on simplifying the morning pleasure, even for those who offer the divine morning brew in their businesses.

The Swiss brand that put together a team of 70 engineers to create simple high-tech equipment, is offering businesses (offices and even catering companies) the GIGA X8, which is a generation of high-performance quality automatic coffee machines that are easy to use and maintain.


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A super powerful coffee machine

The GIGA X8 coffee machines of professional use stand out for having 4 super powers:
• Optimized operation. The GIGA X8 has a completely new internal operation. Not only is it more robust, but also the team of engineers from Jura made it an efficient, smart, and even easier to maintain artifact.
• Adaptable to your needs. The dual spout of the GIGA X8 is designed with the needs and requirements of professional users in mind. This does not only guarantee that you will be able to get more coffee cups in less time (speed function), but also that you will be able to please the preferences of customers with the trendy specialties that require milk and milk foam.
• Easy maintenance. This equipment comes with a dishwasher-safe drip tray that can also be easily removed and emptied, which means less time spent cleaning the appliance. Also, the gravity center of each unit is ideally located to prevent spillovers. And as if it wasn’t enough, the appliance has a TÜV-certified hygiene guarantee.
• User friendly. With an intuitive, high-resolution, easy-to-operate touch screen, the GIGA X8 is a coffee machine that allows maximum flexibility in its use.


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The best ally for your business

The GIGA X8 is definitely an automatic coffee machine in which the engineering team from JURA considered every detail. As a faithful demonstration of Swiss innovation and professionalism, this appliance made by Jura offers businesses a device capable of making up to 200 cups of coffee. This detail certainly makes the GIGA X8 a perfect ally of offices, seminars and catering as well.

Among the technological accessories that this automatic coffee machine comes equipped with is the AGA© (Automatic Grinder Adjustment), which is an electronically controlled automatic reset system, the Pulse Extraction Process (PEP®), which optimizes the extraction time of short specialties and the CLARIS Pro Smart that guarantees perfect water quality for a perfect coffee, which at the same time is connected to the Intelligent Water System (I.W.S.®).

So, if they say that the devil is in the details, Jura follows that motto with this automatic coffee machine, that not only is a highly efficient device, but also a product that can take the breath away from to the most expert barista.


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