IWS7 by The Galley: The Ideal Workstation for home parties


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The Galley knows well that home parties take place in the kitchen. That’s why their Workstation® IWS 7 is the golden dream of any good host.

This workstation made for up to three people won’t clash in any kitchen. The Galley offers the possibility to choose between natural golden bamboo, black graphite wood composite, or white or grey resin. All of them with stainless-steel pieces that turn them into elegant pieces that fit perfectly in any kitchen.


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When size matters

The Workstation® IWS7 is The Galley’s largest and most popular workstation. Why? Because this size maximizes its functions and makes it a very versatile workstation.

Fabricated in one piece with the highest quality stainless-steel and TrueEdge Design, this workstation has 2 bowls and is equipped with an 11-piece culinary kit.

The versatile dual-level design gives the IWS7 a brand-new usability grade. As if that wasn’t enough, the accessories -which slide one on top of the other- can complement this workstation in such a way that it has an endless number of uses.

Built-in and additional parts

The Galley’s Workstation® IWS 7 is a very complete team. In addition to the basic structure, it comes with:
• 2 dual-tier cutting boards (17” x 18”)
• 1 dual-tier drying rack (17” x 18”)
• 2 dual-tier platforms (17” x 18”)
• 2 colanders (7.2 qt 11”) with non-slip handles
• 2 bowls (7.2 qt 11”) with lid and non-slip bottom
• 1 upper-tier cutting board (12 ¼” x 18”)
• 1 upper-tier drying rack (12 ¼” x 18”)
• 1 dual-tier platform (17” x 18”)
• 1 lower-tier platform (12 ¼” x 17”)

The accessories of the IWS7 will make you addicted to working with it. Just imagine you are hosting a barbecue. Well, the Chef’s Block will make the job of cutting the meat and serving your guests easier.
Do you have many diners and want to create a self-service bar for everyone to prepare their own salad or add what they want to their burgers? The Condiment Serving Board that can be set in 6 or 3 positions, is ideal to place everything that these two dishes need.

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On the other hand, the Wash and Serve Set performs a function similar to the block above. Only that in this case, you can serve ice, place two bottles of wine or 4 beers and have room to wash what is getting dirty.

The Galley offers more accessories, you just need to have some imagination to find a use for the implements that you can buy separately, based on your needs. So, if you thought a workstation wasn’t for you, we’re sure that after reading this article you’ve changed your mind.


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