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There’s no better alarm clock than the good scent of coffee and Gaggenau knows it well. That’s why this German brand has made an extra effort for the creation of a super automatic espresso coffee machine as the CM470711.

But what can this automatic coffee machine offer you that others can’t? Well, to answer that question, the first thing to know is that a good coffee machine should, just with the push of a button, offer you the possibility to enjoy a good cappuccino, latte macchiato or an espresso made with the quality of a barista. And in this sense, the Gaggenau model CM470711 can meet and even exceed your expectations.

This appliance equipped with aroma processing technology, grinding unit with ceramic discs and grinding level adjuster, water pump with a pressure of 275 psi (19 bar) among other features, is proof of the technical level that Gaggenau has included in it. And all that is done so that the drinks you will enjoy at home have nothing to envy to the ones made in that coffee shop that you love so much.

What you need to know about a super automatic coffee making machine

Yes, you will find a great number of options of super automatic coffee machines on the market. But before you buy one, there are several things you need to know to understand the type of appliance you will take home:

  • They usually come with an infusion system that takes care of the brewing of coffee automatically.
  • They do the whole process on their own. Simply press the power button and place the cup(s) under the pump. The appliance will take care of the rest (grinding, infusion, serving coffee)
  • They have a built-in grinder.
  • You can customize the size, temperature and intensity of your drinks (and you can even personalize them)
  • They are easy to maintain and have a self-cleaning system

Based on what we have told you so far, what can you expect from the Gaggenau CM470711? Well, nothing more and nothing less than a super coffee making machine that is at the top of its category. That means that you will have at home an appliance that will offer you about 12 different drinks (including hot milk, hot water for you tea and milk foam), which you can select through a touch control panel and rotary knob with clear text in 25 languages.

So, we are talking about a highly sophisticated equipment both in terms of design (stainless-steel and tempered glass) and technology that will allow you to customize and register up to 8 drinks. Thus, each member of the  house will be able to name their coffee and select it pushing a button at the time they want. Also, the CM470711 will also make available 4 drink size configurations (from small to extra-large) that you can adjust individually to match the size of the cup you use and 8 levels of coffee concentration (from very soft to extra-strong).


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To complete the wish list

Among the main concerns that users have about this type of appliance to make coffee are its handling and maintenance. As we explained before, although the CM470711 is one of the most sophisticated coffee making machines on the market, its handling is simple and intuitive, so choosing to drink a ristretto one day or waking up with a good espresso every morning won’t mean additional problems for you.

And in terms of the maintenance and cleaning of the equipment, you won’t have much to worry about either. This machine comes with a fully automatic rinsing program that runs when the machine is turned on/off. Likewise, you can run the automatic steam cleaning of the milk system after each drink and operate the automatic cleaning and descaling system or the emptying system to prepare the appliance for a vacation or to be taken elsewhere.

As if that wasn’t enough, this unit has a child lock system. So, the curiosity of your children won’t be a problem for you or the appliance that will be blocked with a single command.

So, if you’re interested in a coffee machine that almost thinks for you every morning, keep in mind that the philosophy of Gaggenau in this sense is good “effortless coffee.”


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