Fridge Troubleshooting: Issues Your Refrigerator May Have and How to Fix Them


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The refrigerator is one of, if not the most important appliances in the kitchen. It plays a pivotal role in food preservation. It is always recommended that you look for the most reliable refrigerator that will guarantee you with quality service for years on.

Different platforms with refrigerator reviews can guide you in choosing the best fridge for your kitchen, one of the most popular and trusted platforms is Consumer Reports, which has Thermador and Bosch (such as the 36″W Thermador Built-In Fresh Food Refrigerator Column or the 36″W Bosch 800 Series 4 Door French Door Bottom Freezer) amongst the top rated and most reliable refrigerators. With the evolution of new technologies, these devices have fewer breakdowns, although, as with any other kitchen appliance, small problems can occur with normal use.

Although it is hard to believe, the refrigerator is the appliance that causes the most headaches when it comes to breakdowns, since a breakdown in this type of device directly affects the food we eat daily. Here are some common problems you are likely to face with your fridge and how to fix them.

Refrigerator Not Cooling

The fridge side of your refrigerator was designed to preserve your food between 36-38 degrees Fahrenheit (2.2 – 3.3 Celsius). If you open the door of your ice chest and feel hot air coming out, try out these tips:

• Make sure it is getting power. If it lights up when you open the door, continue.
• Check the temperature setting in your display. If not inside the designated range, adjust accordingly.
• Check the vents that allow cool air into the fridge or freezer to ensure proper airflow.
• Vacuum the coils under or behind this device to improve cooling performance.
• If it is still not cooling, this means that probably your fan is not working properly or might be broken. These refrigeration problems require the attention of a certified brand technician specializing in appliance repair.

Everything in the Refrigerator Is Frozen

On the contrary, there is also the case when the temperature in the refrigerator box drops too low. If everything in your fridge is frozen, check these indications:

• Check your temperature setting for proper temperature. Readjust if necessary.
• The fridge temperature sensor could be sending the incorrect temperature to the control to stop cooling. This may need the help of an expert.
• Check that the door is closing properly.

Frost in the Freezer

For cases in which what you see is frost in your freezer zone, you should check the following:

• First check for a cracked door seal that lets in the hot, humid air.
• This can also be a sign of a problem with the freezer’s defrost cycle that controls the amount of time the unit is not cooling. In such a scenario, the best move you can make is hiring an expert to fix the issue.

Doesn’t Make Ice As It Should

Modern fridge/freezer combos often have built-in ice makers for added convenience. If yours has suddenly stopped producing ice, or if the ice quantity produced doesn’t meet your expectations based on what the unit can produce, here’s what to do:

• Turn off the valve for the house’s water supply before beginning.
• Pull the fridge away from the wall and look for any kinks, breaks or leaks in the water supply line.
• Ensure the unit receives water when water supply valve is open.
• Check the water filter for dirt and change it if necessary.
• If the water inlet valve is not at fault, one of the ice-making mechanisms could be faulty. In such a situation, allow an expert to handle this deeper repair.

Why is My Fridge Leaking Water?

If your refrigerator has a water leak on the floor or inside, you may have a condensation problem. Also, it is easy to fix these problems without the help of a technician. You can request our expert services for this or any fridge related issues at if you feel like the problem is out of your reach. Here are some of the common fixes:

Step 1

Check the rubber gaskets between the refrigerator and the door. If the seals are loose or broken, hot air will go in, making the refrigerator run longer than necessary. This will cause excessive frost or condensation that the unit was not design to handle, causing a water leak.

If the seals are compact, but the refrigerator won’t close properly, clean the gaskets with warm water or a lubricant. If they happen to be loose, you may need to tighten the special seal or replace them. Ensure your device is standing; leaning too far forward can cause the door to swing open slightly. Adjust the rear legs as needed so that it stands upright or leans slightly back.

Step 2

Inspect the drain pan for cracks or fissures. The drain pan is generally located below the bottom of the freezer. If the drain pan is broken, you will need to purchase a replacement pan. You may find the one specific for your unit at

Step 3

Consult your owner’s manual to locate the defrost drain on your particular model. If the defrost drain appears clogged or covered in ice, run hot water over it until it is uncovered. If the defrost drain is clogged, the drain pan will be empty. You should get a professional to check why the drain is being covered with ice.


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How to Clean the Refrigerator

Cleaning your fridge regularly is essential if you want to keep it in the perfect state and improve its functioning. You can use a towel soaked in a solution of baking soda. Also, make sure you have removed everything, including the shelves and drawers for smooth cleaning.

If you encounter any further issues, need the assistance of professional services or for more deeper maintenance of your unit, contact our service department so that we can send out a certified technician to help you with all your kitchen appliance needs.

For any replacement parts, we recommend you visit for original appliance parts directly from the manufacturer.



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