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Lovers of ceramic and induction cooktops go through the same debate than those who prefer the use of gas or electricity when it comes to cooking. However, the good news in this regard is that have the best of both worlds at La Cuisine, so we’ll help you understand that choosing one or the other is just a matter of taste.

But where does the discussion between these two systems begin? Well, it is based on the way in which you use the energy that makes them work. So, let’s explain what this is all about.

Ceramic cooktops are powered by electricity and are based on a smooth plate of glass ceramic. These are not only extremely heat resistant, but also have the ability to transmit heat quickly. Thus, it is a glass surface with a couple heat points underneath, meant to be used as a stove.

Induction cooktops, on the other hand, generate heat thanks to a magnetic field that is created by the interaction of an electrically stimulated powerful magnet and the special pots and pans. Just like the ceramic cooktop, these have a smooth ceramic glass surface, and their adjustment controls are located on it.

Everything seems to be fine up to this point, but the conflict arises when supporters of one system or another begin to compare the two. A lover of induction cooktops will say that they not only spend 48% less electricity but are also better because they are faster at heating and cooling, which makes them safer for children and easier to clean.

At the other end of the spectrum, someone who leans towards ceramic cooktops will respond to this series of almost unbeatable advantages by saying that it not only works with any type of pot, but also that its progressive heat makes cooking more accurate, so the impurities on the cooktop don’t interfere with its operation and, just like the induction models, are easy to clean.

So, as you can see choosing between them becomes difficult since both have interesting advantages. But regardless of your preference, we can assure you that induction or ceramic cooktops will have more or less advantages depending on  the manufacturing brand. Below we’ll introduce you to two interesting options that are part of our catalog so you can understand what we are taking about.


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There’s no discussion about the quality of the appliances manufactured by Smeg. And certainly, its SE395ETB ceramic glass cooktop is no exception.

This black glass cooktop with beveled edges has a width of 90 cm and offers up to five cooking areas. With Touch Control knobs and 9  power levels,  this is a highly technological cooktop that challenges preconceived ideas about this cooking system.

What does this mean? Well, it means that you have different options like the PowerBooster, child safety lock and automatic safety cut-out. In addition to  quick ignition and heat conservation functions, all of which puts an end to the beliefs that these cooktops are slow to turn on and off, as well as unsafe.

Other relevant features of the ceramic cooktop SE395ETB by Smeg are the residual heat indicator, individual timers for each zone and acoustic alarm to indicate that the cooking time is up. Also, the heating area operates with minimal power and for a maximum period of 120 minutes, after which the cooktop turns off automatically.

Gaggenau, on the other hand, represents the induction option with the  CI282601 induction cooktop from the 200 series. This is a state-of-the-art cooktop with Wi-Fi connection and wireless cooking sensor.

The CI282601 is therefore a flexible and frameless 30-inch wide induction cooktop for flush-installation. It has 4 action zones and comes with cooking, frying and pot detection sensors.

But the best thing about this cooktop is that its cooking areas can be used individually, or simply merged to use rectangular pots or containers. This gives you a perfect area to add the Teppan Yaki accessory. Additionally, this appliance has twist-pad control, bi-colored display, child lock, safety shut-off, as well as heat booster and keep warm functions.

So if you thought you knew all about the functionality of induction or ceramic glass systems, let us remind you that brands are constantly introducing new technologies that break down paradigms and allow you to have at home an appliance aligned with today’s world.


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