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Surely your grill is one of the best items when it comes to organizing get-togethers with your closest friends. It’s the perfect excuse to meet with the people you love and show off a delicious barbecue to pamper your guests. But of course, with every use, dirt grabs on to it, and cleaning can become challenging. So, in order for your grill to continue to maintain its magic and be your most reliable partner when cooking a barbecue, you need to take proper care of it.

Taking care of your grill is also essential to extend its life as much as possible. The most common types you  will come across include gas, electric, and gas and charcoal grills. The most popular ones at the moment are the 28″ Coyote C Series Grill Head and Cart, 18″W Coyote Portable Electric Grill with Manual Control, and the   Hybrid Grill, respectively. So, not only should you look for the right type that will grant you quality service, but one that aligns with your cleaning preferences. Since you should clean it correctly to ensure it stays as good as new.


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How and How Often Should You Clean Your Grill?

We advise you to remove the grease and dirt that can stick to it after each use. This way, when you have to do a deep cleaning, it will be easier to leave it shiny, as well as give it maintenance every 3 or 4 months to prevent it from rusting. The following are some of the best ways to clean your grill.

Use Onion or Lemon as natural cleaners

Immediately when you finish cooking, a trick to clean and disinfect your grill is to rub half an onion since onions have a strong antibacterial and degreasing power. Take advantage of the fact that the grill is still warm and rub the onion against the grates. When finished, wipe the residue with a cloth, ensuring that the grill is no longer hot to avoid burning yourself. Another option is to use a half a lemon instead of an onion; it also works very well and leaves a pleasant, citrus smell.

Use Special Cleaning Detergents Meant for Ovens

If, unfortunately, there are places where fat and oil have stuck to the surface, an alternative we recommend is using an oven cleaning solution such as the Thor TH-001 cleanser or the famous Barkeeper’s Friend Cleanser, both of which you can find at Simply drizzle it over the most stubborn areas of your grill and let it sit overnight. The next day, brush it off with metal bristles and a cloth to remove all the residues.

Sodium Bicarbonate

In case your grill is filthy, you can use a more environmentally friendly alternative than oven cleaner that you can find in most households. Mix in a little lemon juice with baking soda, soak a cloth in it and run it   the grill. You can also scrub this mix with a metal bristle brush to remove all residue. However, this method may take more time and effort than the oven cleaning solution.

Remove Rust with Vinegar

If your barbecue companion has become rusty from continuous use or for any other reason, an effective and easily accessible suggestion is to clean it with vinegar. We usually have some in the kitchen, and if not, it is very easy to find in any supermarket. It is very efficient in removing the rust from grill grates thanks to its acidic nature. Soak the grates in the vinegar overnight and the next day, moisten a cloth in neutral oil and clean each rod carefully.

Tips Before Cooking

To conclude, we recommend these practices that you could implement before cooking to facilitate cleaning and ensure that your grill is ready to prepare a phenomenal barbecue.

  • Before you start grilling, it is a good idea to heat it to the maximum to eliminate any traces of bacteria that may have lodged in it.
  • In order to prevent food from sticking to the grill, you can grease it with a little oil or butter, so in addition to giving your grill a good flavor, you can clean and degrease it more easily.
  • Do not forget to cover your grill with a canvas when you are not using it; this will protect it from dust and other natural elements that could deteriorate it. La Cuisine International offers a variety of original covers from the brand and made specifically to fit your grill.

Are Grill Grates Dishwasher Safe?

Not only is cleaning your grill grates in the dishwasher not advisable — especially if they are made of steel or cast iron — but also the chance of rusting is much higher when you clean them in a dishwasher. Those made from porcelain or stainless steel are less likely to rust, so if you must, make sure all the ends are coated to prevent rust when using a dishwasher.


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Will My Grill Work if Wet?

The inside of your grill may become wet for many different reasons and this will affect its normal functioning. When this happens, we recommend you do not start grilling as usual, as it will not result in the highest quality barbecue and, more importantly, it could potentially be dangerous. You can try these steps that will restore its functioning. You should first disconnect it from any gas supply to lower the chances of flammable gas leaking. The next thing is to disassemble various parts for easy cleaning and drying. You should then dry the wet parts of your grill with a soft paper towel to restore its functioning.

Can My Gas Grill Explode?

In short, yes, there is a chance your gas grill could explode if not handled correctly. However, the grills from premium brands like Coyote and Alfresco are made from the best quality materials and manufacturing to prevent this from happening. One of the causes of an explosion in a gas grill is faulty venting. This happens when a propane tank releases some gas through a safety valve when the pressure inside the tank increases. The pressure rise is usually common when the tank is exposed to direct heat or sunlight.

The tank can also be overfilled with gas, increasing its chances of exploding. We recommend you always monitor your gas grill and keep it in the designated condition or environment explained in the user manual to reduce its chances of bursting.


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