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The impossible becomes a reality thanks to Franke. Washing dishes will now be a more enjoyable and organized experience with the new granite sink manufactured by Franke.

For most people, washing dishes and utensils after a meal is a hideous task, and as a result the sink losses the aesthetic and functional sense it has in a luxurious kitchen. However, the sink is a key place where the magic of cooking takes place. Not only in terms of the hygiene of utensils, but also as an essential part of the process of food preparation.


The eternal companion

Franke introduces the sink line Acquario Fraganite changing the concept of the classic sink. The revolution leaves behind the traditional stainless-steel bowl, replacing it with a quartz one, in several colors and with a design that makes the look of the kitchen stand out.

The sinks of the Acquario Fraganite line are built for eternity. Made of quartz, these sinks can withstand the course of time without affecting their color or texture, and maximum temperatures of 280oC.  Also, they are immune to scratches or direct cuts with knives and resistant to thermal shock.

So, they are certainly ideal for high traffic kitchens.


La Cuisine International


Getting-rid of germs

Plastic or paste sinks retain germs on their walls, making them very difficult to maintain and unable to guarantee the purity of the food washed in them.

This is a thing of the past thanks to Franke. The sinks of this brand are treated with Sanitized® technology, which consists of a silver ion treatment that decreases bacterial growth by 90%, so they are easier to clean and offer greater protection against germs for longer.


Design and innovation

The beauty of these sinks is indisputable. But the line Acquario Fraganite  specifically stands out among other Franke products for its soft and rounded shapes that are more suitable for kitchens with a more classic design.

The model ASG 610  is composed of a double-bowl design sink with a centered drain. It can be used comprehensively, or it can also be used in a variety of ways by including an additional bowl and a metal grille to place on top of the originals.

So, you have more options: you can use the extra bowl for soaking, the grid as a drain bar, use them at the same time, or one at a time depending on your needs.

In terms of the colors, there’s nothing to worry about. This line designed for the most conservative, offers black and white as the shades available to fit any kitchen and perfectly match any faucet design.

A versatile tool that will add more dynamism to your kitchen.


The latest change

With all the advantages related to durability, design, adaptability, aesthetics, and quality, you won’t have to worry about upgrading your sink in the future. The products from the line Acquario Fraganite  by Franke are appliances made to last for generations and stay current regardless of the technological innovations.

That’s why buying an Acquario Fraganite sink manufactured by Franke will certainly be the last renovation you make in your kitchen.


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