Our wellbeing begins in the kitchen.


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All social trends point to wellbeing, and wellbeing certainly begins in the kitchen. From the water we drink, the food we prepare -and the cooking methodology we use- to cleaning products and how we store items. Everything has a direct relationship with the kitchen.


Below are 5 tips to increase the wellbeing of your home and the planet, from the main command center: the kitchen.


1-Cultivating your own flavor.

Homemade orchards are fashionable. They’re not only a wonderful decorative element that brings the freshness of green elements to the kitchen, regardless of the style of the decoration, but also because orchards grant its users the fresh aroma of herbs.


But beyond the purely decorative aspect, a homemade orchard will provide your meals with all the flavor and nutrients of home-grown herbs, free of pesticides and with the love and attention of the family.  And that’s priceless.


Spearmint, thyme, rosemary, basil, mint… They went from the shopping list to the kitchen window.


2-A Bistro at Home.

Cooking according to the season is no longer an ancestral practice when we remember how economical and nutritious this practice can be for the family. Not only does it save you budget money, but it also contributes to local agriculture, provides fresher, vitamin-filled foods to the family, and allows you to explore new recipes with the same foods.


So, go to your local fresh market, support the industry’s economy. Exchange new recipes with your neighbors and suppliers. After all, wellbeing also implies socializing.



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3-Healthy doesn’t mean boring.

We’ve been deceived! We were told that eating healthy involves eating dull and boring food, and it’s not true. Steamers, air fryers, pressure cookers, and countless near-raw meal recipes are there, waiting to deny this statement.


It only takes a little creativity and imagination: zucchini spaghetti, oat and banana pancakes, and natural yogurt ice creams are a good example that it’s possible to eat healthy and at the same time, go for those weekend cravings.


4-Water and more water.

Drinking 8 glasses of water a day is the most basic recommendation of any nutritionist. And if they recommend it so much, it’s because just as it’s beneficial for your health, it’s very difficult for many to achieve.


Luckily, there are water gasifiers on the market for those who get bored with natural water. Aside from herbal teas with dried fruits to prepared aromatized drinks, and beautiful bottles that even include colorful quartz for those who want to add the energetic aspect. All to make it easier for us to drink the main liquid that keeps us alive, healthy, and even younger.


5-Less plastic and more biodegradable materials.

Plastic is old-fashioned and fortunately, there are more options every day to replace it in a healthier way for our planet. Reusable paper bags, containers, glasses, cutlery and bamboo cups, metal cigarettes, glass jars, and bottles. The list is long. However, if using it is inevitable for you, making sure that it’s a microwave-friendly plastic to reduce toxic emissions is essential to maintain your health and make the most of your food.


Seeking a healthier life and contributing to the preservation of the planet has never been easier, and like everything else in the home, it begins in the kitchen.


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