ENA Micro 90 by Jura: a compact barista with all the specialties


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The same precision and excellence that characterizes Swiss watches is present in all Jura coffee machines, and the ENA Micro 90  is not exception to that rule. This next-generation automatic coffee machine is not only the perfect size to have at home, but also stands out due to the wide range of special coffees it offers, as well as for their quality, its intuitive operation, and easy cleaning.

Besides, like other coffee machines made by this Swiss brand, the ENA Micro 90 has the pulse extraction process (P.E.P.®) that not only optimizes the extraction time, but also guarantees the highest quality in short specialties such as the espresso.

In other words, with just the touch of a button of the ENA Micro 90 you can enjoy every morning coffees ranging from macchiato or cappuccino (with milk foam included) to the famous wake-up shot or espresso. And that’s not all, if you wake up in the mood for tea, the hot water needed for it will be one button away from you.


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Coffee with state-of-the-art technology

If there’s one thing that perfectly describes the ENA Micro 90 coffee machine, it’s the fact that this appliance is a collection of pro-coffee innovations. Jura has taken care of it, so it’s no surprise that the brand’s developers have managed to refine the entire process of preparing short coffees (0.5 oz to 2.7 oz).

One thing you’ll definitely love about the ENA Micro 90 is its ability to make coffees based on the same standards you expect from a coffee shop. Yes, you can have at home that strong coffee that you like so much thanks to the innovations incorporated in this appliance. One of them is the AromaG3 grinder, which guarantees that the coffee is optimally ground to preserve all the aroma.

Obviously, the other secret weapon of the ENA Micro 90 is the pulse extraction process (P.E.P.®) that optimizes the extraction time by pulsing hot water through the ground coffee at short intervals. This process allows the flavors of coffee to develop completely, giving each coffee the intensity necessary to make it perfect.

And of course, Jura didn’t forget those coffee lovers who dream about the foam. For them, the brand provided this coffee machine with the advanced technology of fine milk foam, which will add one more point to that perfection that you look for in coffee.

Elegant, compact and simple

The ENA Micro 90 is a compact coffee machine, designed with the idea of being an elegant and simple to operate device. The panel of buttons located at the top of the machine is discreet and offers all available settings and functions: on/off, selection of options, etc.

Additionally, it has a Rotary Switch that allows you to control the program and make the selection of your choice by simply turning and pressing it. And if that’s not enough, this coffee machine comes with an energy-saving mode, which gives you exceptional energy efficiency while preparing a good cup of coffee.


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