One or two bowls? The Steel Queen QDUA1831/8 by Kindred it’s even better


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Yes, the sink is the last appliance you think about when it comes to assembling a kitchen, but when you get to know its real usefulness, you certainly choose something of the highest quality, such as the Steel Queen QDUA1831/8 by Kindred. With two stainless-steel bowls, you will never be thankful enough for including a piece like this one into your kitchen.

Today the market is full of interesting options. One, two and even three bowls. Some of them are rectangular and others come in different sizes, but if there is one thing worth mentioning is that the range of possibilities opens up a world that has probably gone unnoticed since washing dishes, vegetables, and preparing meals are chores that are done without giving much thought to them.

But think about it. You have a large family and a single bowl sink. There’s a party at home and you will eat together. You must cook, do the dishes, set aside the ice and wash the vegetables, all in the same place. Can you imagine the madness?

So, the convenience is evident. Double or nothing. Certainly, when it comes to deciding, it is always better to have a sink that allows you to have extra space to do different things. In fact, if there is a double sink in the kitchen, and this one is of excellent quality (this is very important) then you know that the time you spend in the kitchen will be short, fun, and above all nice; we already explained why.

Prefer steel above everything else

Let’s go over the options available in the market: granite, marble, ceramic, quartz and acrylic are materials that will surely add a plus to any kitchen. But at the moment of truth, stainless-steel is the big winner.

There are plenty of reasons for that: you don’t have to be afraid of corrosion; it’s resistant to household chemicals, acids and alkaline products such as citric acid or vinegar; it’s easy to clean; its color doesn’t change over time or due to food coloring; it’s super resistant to shock; it doesn’t absorb grease or dirt; it can be exposed to water or boiling pots; and it usually has an unbeatable cost-benefit ratio.

A stainless-steel Queen by Kindred

The Steel Queen QDUA1831/8 by Kindred is a kitchen sink fully made in 20-gauge stainless-steel, the model is designed for undercounter installation, has a double bowl and a very beautiful satin finish that will add a touch of distinction to any kitchen style. The bowl (or bowls) of this appliance are 8″ deep and both have a drain.

This equipment can be complemented by a number of accessories that will guarantee you have a different experience. So, you can add a bottom grid to make sure nothing unsuitable goes down the drain; or you can add a cutting board that will fit the appliance perfectly.

So, if you never thought about it, you probably will by the end of this article. A good sink in the house guarantees a more comfortable domestic experience, and if it also has the advantage of being manufactured thinking about durability, hygiene, beauty, and comfort, there is nothing more to say: May the kitchen save The Queen!


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