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Since top-notch home-barbecue experts can’t seem to agree, Coyote prepared itself to please both charcoal lovers and gas grill advocates. Both options are in the catalog of this prestigious American brand that is proud of the diversity of its line of outdoor cooking equipment products.

But what can charcoal offer that gas can’t and vice versa? Well, you can say that it is simply a matter of taste. But don’t dare to make such a bold statement in front of any grilling master who is inclined towards one or the other. You could be uninvited from the next Sunday barbecue.

So, to help you understand both sides, we’ll give you not only the arguments of each side, but we will also talk about what Coyote -an expert in the field- offers to each of the them.


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The subtle art of charcoal grilling

The toughest defenders of the charcoal grill will tell you, first of all, that most professional cooks prefer charcoal grills. Period. End of discussion.

However, the more sensitive will add that the charcoal gives a smoked flavor to meats and that its bright red fire, when used appropriately, produces the perfect temperature to offer sealed crusts. In short, they will speak of this style of roasting as an art that connects the person in charge of the grill with ancestral ways of cooking outdoors.

Regarding the above, the defender of the gas grill will say that all that sounds very nice, but it is essentially an attachment to a past full of unnecessary work. And they will add that, just the ignition of the charcoals and waiting for them to reach the right temperature, is a waste of time.

However, Coyote understands the art of charcoal cooking and therefore its C1CH36  grill is the perfect choice for home barbecue masters who are fans of this style of roasting. Fully made in 304 stainless steel, this grill comes with an adjustable fuel tray and offers more than 875 square inches of cooking area.

In this appliance you can roast with both charcoal and wood chips. With adjustable dampers to control airflow, the brand allows you to create an amazing grill kit with additional accessories such as exclusive Laser-cut signature grates designed for the perfect combination of surface area, airflow, and heat penetration; stainless steel cart, and custom-made weatherproof cover.


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The benefits of the blue flame

Masters of the grill who prefer the blue flame of gas will say that using it is the most convenient choice for perfect grilling. These grills are easy to use and their fire offers an even heat.

Those who love gas grills point out that they offer more options and control than charcoal grills. And let’s not forget to mention that the food will be ready in ten minutes in this type of grill.

However, charcoal lovers have a good point here, since only a few high-quality gas grills reach the level of heat offered by charcoal (Coyote is the most outstanding brand in this regard). And, to wrap up the matter, there is the claim that, while the trick of pouring fat into the stove can add certain smoky flavor, gas grills can’t quite reach the level that charcoal grills achieve.

But, the gas grill C2SL36 by Coyote wins a round against the allegations of charcoal lovers when it comes to achieving high heat levels. This grill comes with three high-performance Coyote Infinity Burners™ in addition to an infrared rear burner for grill cooking and a Coyote RapidSear™ infrared abrasion burner. In other words, you’ll have a professional grill at home.

As if that wasn’t enough, the C2SL36 offers 875 square inches of cooking area, and as any other grill manufactured by the brand, it’s made entirely of 304 stainless steel. Also, it has interior grill lighting and LED-lit knobs that will allow you to extend the time of your barbecues. The grill kit and smoke box are also included.

And if you want to go further and customize this grill, Coyote offers you an incredible number of accessories ranging from the wind protection layer, to the stainless-steel cart, to the 14″ stainless-steel plates.

So, the best way to grill is the one that reunites family and friends to have a good time around the fire, whether it’s with charcoal or gas.


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