Coyote Pellet Grill, the evolution of tradition


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The Coyote Pellet Grill 36” (C1P36) is certainly the evolution of tradition. Few things are as rooted in people as the pleasure of spending time with loved ones at a barbecue.


The ceremony of lighting the fire and cooking for the family outdoors is the perfect occasion for bonding. That’s why Coyote is constantly working to offer new ways to preserve that tradition, by incorporating technology into its appliances to make the job simpler, thus allowing you greater enjoyment.



Combining electricity with wood

Coyote has solved the long-standing debate regarding charcoal and gas with its Pellet Grill 36”. Those who love to grill no longer have to choose between natural gas or charcoal, as a third -and more environmentally friendly- option has entered the game with the best odds at winning. We’re talking about an electric grill (120V; 5A; 60Hz) that works with pellets – wood “capsules,” which can be flavored- that serve as fuel to obtain controlled fire in the grill.


With lower carbon emissions than the other two options and the possibility of having greater control over the flame, this Coyote model guarantees the unmistakable flavor of wood in your preparations, with the ease and control of natural gas, but without the risks and complicated installations. In a few words, technology added to the tradition.



Strength, durability, and design


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Coyote’s Pellet Grill 36”, model (C1P36), is manufactured in a single body of stainless steel,  ready to be recessed into your outdoor area. It features dual laser-cut grates and VersaRackⓇ technology for a larger cooking area.


The appliance also comes with a front-loading drawer for the pellets, which are managed by the grill itself, according to the temperature chosen. This Coyote equipment has internal lighting, as well as LED light for temperature probes, an internal fan, and a built-in smoker and grill system.


As for its controls, a digital front panel will allow you to set a range between 175-700°F with three temperature probes included, so you can cook at various heat levels at the same time. As if that wasn’t enough, you can select from a variety of cooking functions and set the timer.


The grill is properly insulated to avoid burn accidents to the touch and is easy to maintain due to its non-stick surface. This means that this is a great acquisition for those who want to continue enjoying one of the activities that has  always brought families together,  but without all the work and risk involved in lighting fires at home.


In addition, this Coyote appliance will not only allow you to cook food while preserving all its properties and juices,  but will also add the undisputed charm of the wood-fired flavor to anything you grill, having  the level of security in your outdoor area that only Coyote can provide.


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