Flowing with the valleys


ZHA CCXian The visuals are by ATCHAIN.
ZHA CCXian The visuals are by ATCHAIN.


The studio of the famous late architect Zaha Hadid, Zaha Hadid Architects, immortalizes her style once again by implementing her well-known curves in a new work that invites visitors to flow with the environment. This time it is a cultural center in Xi’an, China, which, following the studio’s tradition, will impress both residents and tourists.


The Jinghe New City Culture & Art Centre will span over the eight canals of this city’s main highway, in a novel bid to generate new public spaces dedicated to art and recreation. Ingenious, don’t you think?



The new valleys of Xi’an

With the Jinghe River in mind, the architects of Zaha Hadid’s studio designed a set of buildings with sinuous forms that recall the beauty of the area’s landscapes. Built near the Jinghe Bay Academician Science & Technology Innovation industrial and technological district, the buildings are intended to expand the activities of the city center.


In a brilliant urban planning scheme, the new structure floats above the eight canals of the main highway, connecting Xi’an’s multimedia library with the new performing arts center. The building is thus a network of walkways, ramps, stairs, and tunnels that will allow pedestrians to move from one place to another safely.


jinghe new city culture art centre zaha hadid architects Imagen by ATCHAIN.
jinghe new city culture art centre zaha hadid architects Imagen by ATCHAIN.


The commercial and residential districts of the area are also included in the project, being interconnected through gentle ramps that favor physical exercise and are designed for the comfort of those with disabilities. This bet is also aimed at reducing the need for public and private transportation, in addition to all the energy consumption and pollution that it would produce .



A place for arts and research

The main building of the Jinghe New City Culture & Art Centre will be a multimedia library that, over several levels, will offer to the public different reading areas, a significant collection of printed books, and rooms for multimedia resources and virtual research. All this to become the intellectual heart of the city, under a high-rise atrium to enjoy views of the city.


A theater for performing arts and a concert hall with a capacity of 450 people will be installed under the curves of the complex. In addition, it will have several conference rooms and multifunctional halls, galleries, restaurants, and stores.


As with all of ZHA’s projects, energy consumption will be supported by photovoltaic cells to reduce electricity consumption. The complex also includes large windows to take advantage of natural light and air circulation.


Another interesting, environmentally-friendly detail, is that local materials have been a priority in the construction of the cultural complex. Likewise, the studio has included a rainwater collection system which will also reduce water consumption for maintenance of the site.


In short, ZHA once again stamps her signature on the creation of a work that not only seeks to amaze the public with the beauty of its designs and functionality,  but also with its harmonious relationship with the ecosystem.


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