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Pitt Cooking brings an option for small kitchens or for those who need only the most necessary: Baula, a cooktop for two. The brand understands that having little space should not mean sacrificing quality and comfort.


This two-burner model by Pitt Cooking is named after a volcano in Iceland, and as such, it evokes all the brand’s heat power and effectiveness that cooks require even with a smaller-than-usual device. In sum, this is a cooktop that shouldn’t be evaluated by the number of burners, but by their power.



Getting the party started

Ideal for a bachelor’s or beach apartment, the model Baula brings together all the qualities the brand stands for in a presentation designed for users who value quality and sophistication as much as their space.


The burners can be installed on any countertop based on the user’s needs. This provides freedom in terms of kitchen design without the limitations that cooktops impose, but with the same heating power as a traditional one.


Pitt Cooking‘s Baula duo burners come in three presentations to choose from: light aluminum in its original edition, robust and heavy brass in its professional edition, and black brass in its special edition. When it comes to size, the user will benefit from a large burner with a wok ring and simmer control, and a medium-sized burner for regular-sized pots.


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This equipment has flame protection and automatic ignition, and its controls can be installed either on the countertop or vertically on the edge, offering elegance, comfort, and minimalism.


One of the great advantages of Baula is its easy maintenance. Its pieces can be washed in the dishwasher, leaving the countertop ready for routine maintenance according to its manufactured  material.


Pitt Cooking users value modernism and sophistication. They understand that having the freedom to place their pots and pans as they wish adds value to the cooking experience, as it facilitates the process and reduces the possibility of accidents. They also seek comfort and at the same time, enjoy the elegance of a cooking system that doesn’t require big ornaments, since the star isn’t a cooktop, but the dish being prepared.


All this experience can be adapted to a small and cozy space, for new and independent cooks who don’t require a large place to satisfy their gastronomic ambitions.  Thus, the burner duo Baula by Pitt is the perfect ally in a feast of culinary pleasures for two.


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