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If you think that outdoor dining can be glamorous and sophisticated, Caliber Appliances may become your new love. The American brand develops outdoor solutions that go beyond what’s conventional.


The fire that this brand brings to the garden with all the color and technology incorporated into its appliances is further enhanced by the luxurious design of each piece and appliance. We can assure you that your outdoor kitchen will be elevated to another level, not only in terms of technology and beauty but also when it comes to the cooking experience.


Why are we so sure? Keep reading and you’ll understand.



Expect Great Heat


Expect Great Heat™ is the slogan of a brand that does everything in a big way. The burners on their ranges or grills go from 500 to 23,000 BTU offering nearly infinite heat levels to achieve specific and even temperatures, from melting chocolate at the slowest heat to boiling water quickly – you just have to regulate the flame.


When it comes to their systems of grills, the technology Crossflame™ provides even heat across the entire cooking surface, ensuring that food is cooked and browned evenly and avoids the unpleasant burnt center. This also allows the cooking aficionado to make better use of the space and energy.


Smokers and grills are not far behind. Aside from the wide range of designs, sizes, shapes, and colors to fit all spaces and tastes, Caliber Appliances offers its award-winning Caliber Pro Kamado™ technology to cook with charcoal or gas from your backyard, not only barbecues, but also smoke food, and even bake cakes or pizzas.

Rockwell, the spearhead of Caliber


La Cuisine International

Rockwell by Caliber is the world’s first family-scale 360-degree Social Grill™. This grill, designed exclusively as an installation for David Rockwell of the Rockwell Group (an award-winning interdisciplinary architecture and design firm), has a Crossflame® burner and features a retractable lid that literally disappears thanks to a special counterbalance mechanism.


This 60″ freestanding grill is built of heavy-gauge powder-coated aviation-grade aluminum. To top it off, it sits on a custom Brazilian cherry wood stand that is hand-rubbed for an elegant finish. But the company has thought about the diversity of taste of its universe of users, and thus offers the option of a 304 stainless steel stand on wheels.


However, this is just one of the many options offered by this brand that promises (and delivers) to bring real warmth to the open spaces of your home.



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