Plum, the precision of a sommelier in your kitchen


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As Aladdin had a genie in a bottle who fulfilled all his wishes, we could say that Plum has a sommelier hidden in the wine dispenser you’ve placed on the countertop of your home.


This device not only chills your wine to the right temperature, pours the perfect amount into your glass, and gives you all the information about what you’re drinking, but it also allows you to keep two open bottles of different wines. Cool, isn’t it?


Plum’s automatic dispenser is certainly the ultimate innovation when it comes to wine gadgets. The brand managed to bring to your kitchen countertop a very modern -and elegantly designed- version of a smart wine cellar that will do everything for you.


Just choose the bottles you wish to have at your disposal, place them into the device, and voila. Whether it’s white or red, red or roséfor up to 90 days.



Sophisticated inside and out


As we already mentioned, the appliance that can add charm to your countertop or be integrated into your kitchen has a discreet and sophisticated design. Brushed stainless steel and black enameled glass are features that make it fit into any kitchen style.


La Cuisine International


Inside the appliance, each bottle rests in an illuminated chamber whose design is inspired by the staves of a wine barrel. Inside, a camera scans the label to identify the wine and automatically begins to chill the bottle to the ideal temperature. When the appliance is connected to your network, it can also give you all the information about the winery, and details about the wine that you probably didn’t know.

Also, this state-of-the-art appliance operates with any standard 750 ml wine bottle, regardless of the type of closure: Natural cork, synthetic cork, and even metal screw caps. The operation of this device is as sophisticated as its exterior design. The dual-core Plum system needle pierces the top of the closure, and as the wine is released, argon gas fills the bottle to help prevent oxidation.


In this way, the company claims that you’ll be able to keep up to 150 bottles (about 12.5 bottles per month for a year) in perfect condition for up to 90 days. So, you’ll be able to get home after a long day at work and order a perfect glass of wine from the “genie” in Plum (or the sommelier you have locked in the device), and he’ll fulfill your wish in the blink of an eye.


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