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If you’re thinking about redecorating or rebuilding your kitchen, don’t do it the traditional way. Design is evolving, and with it, new ways of organizing the kitchen are arising to bring beauty, brightness, and modernism to the busiest space in the house.


Here are some ideas to consider for your kitchen project.



Goodbye to the glossy finish


Furniture with a glossy finish is starting to go out of fashion. The reason behind it is that glossy paints get dirty faster, showing or exposing the grease that normally accumulates in the kitchen.


Fingerprints on doors, and drops left by condensed moisture – everything is revealed. So choose a matte finish in the material of the new furniture, pantries, or cabinets to save many hours of cleaning.



No handles


The traditional door and drawer handles disappear to give way to smooth surfaces that offer a fresh view and give the sensation of a larger space. Following the motto “less is more,” the idea is to eliminate anything that interrupts the continuity of the surfaces. The old steel handles (especially wrought iron ones) will be forgotten to become just a reminder of grandma’s kitchen.



Welcome to the dining room


The kitchen is a living space and although it’s a cliché to say so, it’s “the heart of the home.” Therefore, it should include an informal dining table to bring the family together for breakfasts or dinners without requiring a large production. Whether it’s a cozy wooden table or a breakfast bar to take advantage of the space, the presence of a dining table in the kitchen is a must that cannot be ignored.


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What about the extractor hood?


Hiding the extractor hood  is a very fashionable trend that leans in the same direction of simplifying the kitchen. Hiding them behind panels or installing them on the ceiling or countertops are some of the solutions that designers are providing to conceal the presence of such important appliances in the kitchen.



A pop of color


While neutral colors will always be in style -especially in the kitchen- including a pop of color that reveals the personality of the home is always a wonderful idea. Whether it’s in accessories, through wallpaper, or a statement piece, an infusion of color can add life to a plain, monochromatic space. Perhaps a designer appliance or an eye-catching pot of pottery  will give your kitchen the spark it’s missing.


As you can see, the investment needed to update your kitchen is not that big when you have a little creativity and good guidelines.


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