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As a key space in a house, a kitchen contributes to a high quality lifestyle thanks to advanced appliances it comprises. Among lots of options when cooking, culinary art lovers would definitely be intrigued by the induction system, offering a number of useful features. On that score, Bosch® induction tops are more than appealing.

Bosch® FlexInduction® automatically identifies the size and position of a pan, and generates heat only where needed: right under the base. Separately working inductors can be used at the same time – or individually, no matter the size of a container. Back and front independent cooking areas add value to make flexibility one of the main advantages of Bosch® induction tops.

Safety is a priority enabled by the high performance of a recognition system. It lowers the heat level immediately when it doesn’t identify a container on its surface, reducing the risk of fires and even explosions due to gas leakages.

Bosch® keeps cleaning easy. As the glass never reaches extreme temperatures, no food leftovers get stuck on the induction top; overflowing liquids and splatters don’t burn on – cleaning with a damp cloth is just enough.




Maximum profitability

High efficiency in heat transfer allows for the induction tops to cook faster than any other system, which results in significant energy savings. Although its cost is higher than other options on the market, electricity expenses at home tend to be 40% less. FlexInduction® is ideal for short uses like frying, where the conventional glass ceramic hob wastes energy due to residual heat. With Bosch® induction tops, the water boils in 4 minutes, while in a gas kitchen you need 7 minutes, and 8 minutes on a glass ceramic hob respectively.

In this cooktop, durability marries elegance and user-friendliness. This is a long-lasting product, preserving its impeccable brand new look. Frameless design integrates seamlessly, while a stainless steel frame stands out on the countertop. You can choose from 60 up to 90 centimeters wide, in black, white, or grey colors.

Bosch® cutting-edge technologies are the core of the company strongly committed to the environment. All Bosch® appliances are produced with a special respect for natural resources. Sustainability reigns in all business areas, from production to recycling packaging materials. In fact, at Bosch® production residues are collected and separated as a part of the factory processes, accomplishing up to 92% in recycling.

Following this philosophy, Bosch® induction tops round up all the points to become a star product in a modern kitchen.


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